This year's New Year's eve, in the uncle's new house. Have to say that this house is really nice. Exquisite furniture, fancy lantern, gently beautiful wallpaper... Let a person find everything new and fresh, full of praise. Began to eat dinner. At the dining table, delicacies, everything; In the living room, a toast to celebrate, laughter, happy... At this moment, when I recall grandfather told me:

  In the past, a dozen people crowded in the same eaves, room was damp and gloomy; Go out even five cents are reluctant to take the train; Family reunion dinner if there is a piece of fat can be happy... And now, each has two or three sets of house, bought a suite also cover mansions; Bought the car also want to in high-grade car; You allocate sought-after drink hot...

  Just thinking, the fireworks fireworks I woke with a start. See the good in the night sky is all have fireworks with brightness. Fireworks bloomed, the inconspicuous city into a "city that never sleeps". This is a symbol of the arrival of the New Year, is a symbol of the new scene of socialist economy.

  A New Year begins. We are cheering, wish happy New Year. Firecrackers in rang, open the fireworks. That the flowers of happiness in heaven, open on the floor, and also in people's minds open...






  On New Year's eve is how beautiful, how wonderful. This year is no exception, the streets are decorated, good is a scene of Chinese New Year. We have a supper very early, went to the street view at night.

  A: wow! So many people on the street! Is simply a sea of people, very lively! Come to the main street, I saw on both sides of the branches are full of colorful lights, colorful light makes my eyes a bright. The article also wrapped in coloured crystal, trunk like a beautiful little snake tree trunks. Just opened to see rich Ann department, the door is more radiant. Lantern hangs, double line shape in the middle is peppered with red lanterns, red light cage, the rich Ann department dressed up like a radiant bride.

  Looked into the street and rotary table's beautiful China! Wheel in the middle there is a very very big lanterns, footed is five or six meters. Foot seven, eight meters wide. A lantern in the middle is empty, there is a lamp, also have light outside. Now when the New Year's eve, all the lights are lit up. Emit bright light, like the day the earth with. Especially outside the road lights like Boston ivy leaves, YiShun down, spread so evenly, formed a huge light shoulder, batch of rotary in the center of the street. A myriad of small lanterns light shoulder hang outside. The hanging outside the ancient various TongQianEr. Around the rotary table is beautiful of more. On the left is one with yellow lights on into the pyramid, some red lanterns hung tower before. The right is to use all sorts of color of light and belt into the golden peacock. The dark, the lights flickering on the peacock feathers, like a big fan of colorful sprinkled gold on jitter, is really beautiful. Before and after the two sides are all with the character "xi" series of curves of drop curtain. Before the curtain hangs a long string of red lanterns, fell from the sky like a dragon, is very terrible.

  Standing at the end of the street, I look, everywhere are the lights, see everywhere is red lanterns, according to every corner of the streets are so bright, so very red. This is not straight indicates our lives more prosperous in the coming year?