a birthday party作文及翻译


a birthday party作文及翻译

  1A Birthday Party

a birthday party作文及翻译

  Last Sunday was my birthday , I have an unforgettablebirthday party.

  I invited all my freinds,but my best freind Helen had somethings to do ,so she didn't come my birthday party. My mother taught one of my best friend yy how to make a chocolate cake. It is a surprise for me.

  I am very surprised . YY gave me a music box as a birthday gift. The day before last Sunday ,we told about if it doesn't rain ,we will have a barbecue at the park , but it was rainning , we had the dinner at the living room .

  What an unforgettable birthday we had!





  2A Birthday Party

  Yesterday was my birthday. I was fourteen years old.

  My mother had a party for me and I asked my friends to come. My mother gave me some books as birthday presents. My friends bought some presents for me.

  We had a good time.




  3My Birthday Party

  Hello! I am Li Ling. I am 12 years old. My birthday is on June 16th.

  In my birthday, my parents will hold a party for me. My father, my mother, my grandma, my grandpa, my brother, my uncle, my aunt, my friends and me are eat dinner together. Then we eat a big birthday cake,They say: happy birthday to you! I open the presents .

  Then we play or sing and dance. Tonight we are happy!




  4A Birthday Party

  Li Ying is one of my classmates.We share a bedroom with four others,so we are also roommates.Today is her birthday and it so happened that it is Sunday at the weekend.We decide to hold a party to celebrate Li Ying's birthday in our own bedroom.Since she is the youngest in our room,we all feel responsible to take care of her.We hope that this party can relieve her homesickness.

  We bought some fruit and candy,nineteen small candles,and a cake.At seven in the evening,the party began.We lit the candles and sang "A happy birthday to you" to Li Ying.And then we each gave her a small present.Li Ying looked excited and happy.She blew out the candles,and we tasted the fruit and candy while talking about various funny things we experienced in our childhood at home.At the end of the party we encouraged each other to study even harder and be top students in our class.

  The party was a success,for Li Ying seemed very pleased and looked more confident of herself.Tomorrow she will be nineteen years of age.




  5A Birthday Party

  Last Friday was my birthday.We had a birthday party at school.

  We held it at the break time.My parents brought me a big birthday cake.I lit the candles and put them on the cake.My classmates sang the birthday song to me.I was so touching at the moment.I made a wish that I can study well and make progress every day.Soon after that,I cut the cake and shared it with my classmates.

  Although the birthday part lasted for 20 minutes,we all felt happy.




  6My Birthday Party

  I have a party on my birthday every year.

  My parents invite my friends to come to my house to join the party. I can get many good presents, But some of my friends often hide their presents in my house. They maybe ask me, ”The diary was on the table a moment ago. But we can’t see it now. where is it?” I have to guess. If I’m right, they will give me the present. I think the game is interesting.

  Then we light the candles and sing a “Happy Birthday” song. I make a wish and then blow out the candles. We eat the birthday cake. It is delicious.

  This is my birthday party. I like it very much. What about out?





  7My Birthday Party

  Today is fool's day and it's also my birthday.My name is Sam.I'm 11 years old.In my birthday party,Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me.I love my gifts.

  My friends are coming.The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party.They're laughing and playing games.Now,They're eating sandwiches,cakes and fish.They're drinking apple juice and orange juice too.My birthday cake is very big.There are 11 candles on it.They say:happy birthday to Sam!Hip,Hip,Hurry!Hip,Hip,hurry!

  Oh,what a nice birthday party!




  8My Friend’s Birthday Party

  I have a good friend, her name is Lucy, we became friends since I was five years old, she is my neighbor, we play together all the time.

  Yesterday, Lucy got her ten year-old birthday, she hold a party in her house, as her good friend, of course I would not miss her party. I bought her a watch as the gift, in the party, we sang and danced, she has many friends, so we played the game, we felt so happy. At last, we sang the birthday song to her and took out the big cake, Lucy made her wish, we ate the cake together.

  We had great fun at Lucy’s party, I wish her be happy every day.




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