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我的哥哥英语作文 篇1

  A mention my brother, I really can't help to say two words: naughty! He was at the age of three neighbors wang mei in the face painted cats; The age of five have dropped the lam tsuen next door to stumble broke bones... In short, he did a bad thing. Who also could not overcome him, everyone called him "naughty king". But he still can't overcome the himself, forced down the "throne".

  It's not, he asked the grandmother bought him a car, finally, my grandmother was persuaded by him. One day, he led the help swept through the "naughty" creeps to street, just go downstairs to the shed, his eyes a bright, saw a brand-new "three children" brand bicycles, ordered his took a needle "pa" 1, go to the tire. Tire as purging the air ball, gradually narrowed, as tires was falling down. The elder brother was motioning with his hand, bottom a twist, turned around and went home. To my grandmother to the car, grandma smiled and said to the elder brother, just below the shed, a brand-new "three children" brand bicycles, to even get you out. Brother listened and then quickly rushed down, want to look at, riding her new car, but just went to the shed was blindsided by it, the car tires with a glassy stare purging the air of the new "three children" brand car. Turns out, is he broke her car to personally.

  My brother is not only naughty, but is a special love to sing. One day, put a "chrysanthemum", TV brother turn off the TV, happily say: I will sing this song, he says, is ready. See his hands ChaDou, two feet crossed each other, head slightly leaning against the wall, the mouth of magnetic sound, makes it sound straight pins and needles. At this time, he also don't forget the shaking body, after the singing, he also regards not nice.

  Well, I was supposed to have such a brother!





我的哥哥英语作文 篇2

  I have a brother.He name is Jim.He is shorter than me.He is very smart.He has a short hair and two big eyes .He is of medium build.He likes play the chess. He often play the chess with me.I always beat him in chess.He also likes playing basketball,so he is very healthy.He has a good eating habit:Eat more vegetables and less meat .Hjjje is a good students at school.He often helps teacher.Do you think he is a good boy?


我的哥哥英语作文 篇3

  There are five people in my family. They are my parents, my brother and I. My brother is two years older than me, and he is a good brother. At home, we always have arguments, but when we are at school, he protects me all the time. So even though he makes me angry sometimes, I will forgive him. He says he will always support me.


我的.哥哥英语作文 篇4

  David Beckham, his family is believed to be the coolest family in the world。 He has three handsome boys and a lovely girl。 To me, I am very interested in the big brother, he is not only look very handsome, but also very considerate to his sister。 Every time when the family goes out for the activities, the media will take the photos of them all the way。 Then the big brother is always holding his little sister, he will protect her out of the media’s annoyance。 I am so envious of the little girl, she has a sweet brother, who will protect her all the time。 I also want a big brother to protect me。


我的哥哥英语作文 篇5

  The elder brother is my good associate not only, it is the good example that I learn more.

  I like my elder brother. Elder brother this year 16 years old, it is the student that second year in high school learns in Anhua. He is growing dark skin, square face big on both sides, shave a small crew cut. Although hale body compares his stocky I am tall not how many, but knowledge is abounded more than me however.

  Elder brother loves to read very much. He has pocket money to buy a book, be free to take a book to read, family member affectionately calls him " little book is confused " . Remember once, aunt is occupied should go out, call I and elder brother to staying in the home, enjoin an elder brother to look at the red carbonado that boils in boiler. Did not think of he saw a book enter fan forget this thing to get completely unexpectedly, until send out in house give a scorching, when I call him, he just has answered a god to come.

  Does not see his life go up careless, study is meticulous however, want to encounter the problem that does not know only, he can be checked after all. Write on textbook full thickly dotted note. Because he learns from good examples frequently at ordinary times,ask, the lance before learning achievement to always rank in annual class. Of course, his sports result is very strong also, the most outstanding is basketball. Want him to appear in field only, total meeting is surrounded all round full audience. elder brother still is my good friend, every arrive summer vacation, he can take me swim, make game, jest and story, fasten Titus together with the elder brother happy.

我的哥哥英语作文 篇6

  My Elder Brother

  I have a brother who is four years older than me. His name is Brain and he is eighteen years old. Now he is a college student. He does very well in his major courses, but he is poor in English. He is outgoing and helpful, his friends and classmates like playing with him. Basketball is his favorite. He always makes new friends while he plays basketball. He cares much about me. Although he goes to another city for college, he calls me frequently and asks my life and study and tells me to care more about our parents. When he gets holidays, he often comes home to see us, and that makes my parents happy. Every time he comes back, my mother cooks delicious dishes for him. My brother is a good guy and I am sure he will have a bright future after graduation.