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我的家乡英语作文 篇1

  My hometown no places of interest, no busy bustling metropolis, no waves of the sea. But I still deeply in love with my hometown. There are thick woods, there are also contend in beauty doo-yan wild flowers, and grass tenacious vitality. Can be seen everywhere in the rows of houses not neat, like a winding ups and downs of the waves.

  Spring coming, hometown scenery especially beautiful. The grass stretch and a yawn, emerged from the dirt, leaves sprout up, too. At that time, the lovely swallow flew back from a distance, chattering under one roof, as if to say: "here is a good place, here we are a home!" Flowers blinked his pair of big eyes, curiously looked at all the world. The children take off the thick cotton-padded jacket, free to play on the grass, singing and dancing, happy like a free bird.

  When the hot sun hot summer comes, a green watermelon let people go to chan mouth water. When the children came to the brook, took off his sandals, soaked feet in the river, the clear river water enabled us to forget about the heat.

  The golden autumn season, pomegranate like a red lanterns hanging on the trees. The autumn wind blowing, the rice layers on the golden waves, especially beautiful. This time of year is the busiest time of the adults: rice and cotton……although they have been too tired to breath, but depend on their face hung the joy of harvest.

  Winter, the earth covered with a layer of thick quilt. Friends to chase in the snow, make a snowman, snowball fights……is really fun!

  I love my hometown, the home of this beautiful, simple!







我的家乡英语作文 篇2

  My hometown is in Lanzhou. It is the capital of Gansu province. It is a city with a long history and beautiful scenery.

  The scenery in Lanzhou is very beautiful. There are scenic Baitashan is the breath of the primeval forest, very thick and Xinglongshan, Baitashan par Wuquanshan, there is a long history of the the Yellow River bridge, it is like a dragon is located on both sides of the Yellow River, and now the construction of the beautiful decoration, the lights of the Yellow River customs line, it is a a place in a hilarious. Fairyland.

  Lanzhou not only has beautiful scenery, but also has many products. Lanzhou is the hometown of fruit, there are sweet and delicious melon, the Yellow River honey, yellow winter pear fruit, Bing Bing cool soft pear. Throughout the year are fruits constantly. Lanzhou's snack is famous, there are people to drool with envy's beef noodles, delicious niangpi, water slurry.

  The rapid development of Lanzhou, the past one, the road less, only transportation sheepskin rafts and carriage, people wear clothes color is also very monotonous...... Now there is a tall on both sides of the street scene in the edifice, broad flat road car The stream never stops flowing., heavy traffic. The train runs faster and farther, bringing convenience to people. Most people use lights, televisions, washing machines, telephones, and some people have computers, air conditioners, people's living standards have improved, and people wear colorful clothes, beautiful.

  The future of Lanzhou is more beautiful. People will use wisdom and effort to invent cars that have wind before they can run. With a vacuum cleaner in the sky, our sky becomes bluer, the air is fresher, and the sun is brighter.

  I love my hometown, beautiful Lanzhou.

我的家乡英语作文 篇3

  Hello, dear friends! Welcome to my village. It's big and beautiful! I like it very much.Look! There are many houses in the village. They are small. There are many high and beautiful mountains near the houses. There is a big forest behind the houses. There are many big trees in it. There are many rivers in front of the houses. The water is clean. There are many fish in the rivers. There are many bridges over the rivers. There are many big trees on the river banks. And there is grass and flowers on it. The grass is green. The flowers are colourful and beautiful. There is a lake in the village. There are many ducks in the lake. The sky is blue. The rivers flow. The air is fresh and clean. My village is very beautiful!I like it very much!

我的家乡英语作文 篇4

  I was born in a small village with a hill behind it and many big areas of feilds in front. Most of the villagers live in tall buildings like the people in cities.In their home, they have telephones,TV sets,washing machines and so on.They can also use drinking water supplied by the water company in the village,but it costs them a little money every year.If they plant crops, the goverment will give them some money as encouragement.The more land they farm, the more money they will get.All around the year, they work on their farm land for only four or five months.In the rest time,they often work in the cities nearby for money.They needn’t worry about anything for living, such as food or clothes.

  There is a tall teaching building with a computer room, a reading room, a meeting room,a lab and sixteen class-rooms in our school.Around it are big trees and behind the building is a wide playground for us to do sports on.All the teachers work carefully and teach us very well.

  What is more,when we are ill or want to do some shopping and so on, everything is OK without leaving the village.

  But in the past, it is said there were few people living in two houses made of wood,grass and mud.That is why it is still called Two Houses today.It is not hard to imagine what their life was like.

  Now I feel that I am proud of my hometown.As a student,I must study hard to get more knowledge so that I can build my village better when I grow up.






我的家乡英语作文 篇5

  My family lives in one of the "national health and civilized city" - Changde. This is a beautiful place, here is the majestic sun mountain, a national famous willow lake, a beautiful street blooming, there are ten Xiangpiao spicy hunan......

  Every morning, as I walked along the morning light on my way to school, I felt very comfortable seeing the flowers and the lush trees on both sides of the street. Look, the birds in the branches chirping, the wind from the ear and hurried over, butterflies in the flowers freely...... Walk, stop, think, look, feel she is a vibrant, young, fashionable city, how proud, how happy! Look, what's that beautiful stainless steel cabinet? Ha ha, let me tell you! That's a garbage can. There used to be only one kind of garbage bins, a little bit like a mailbox, but now there are two or three kinds. They also have all kinds of flowers. They are beautiful and clean air. They really kill two birds with one stone. In Changde, no matter where they go, they are clean, even the air is fresh, and the flowers are sweet.

  Not only the beautiful environment of Changde, there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty! Look, "culture of the Great Wall" Poetry Wall "," village, wild stock or floating clouds "revolutionary cradle" of Lin Boqu's former residence and other places. But what impressed me most was the poem wall of "cultural the Great Wall". It has many different shapes on it. There are stories of famous people, beautiful poems, and lots of exquisite stone reliefs. Hear the grown-ups say there is a stone and a soul in it! Amazing! Poetry Wall should be the first "cultural the Great Wall" in our country, but also a magnificent epic, but also a historical witness that can not be denied.

  There are countless native products in my hometown. Wild mushroom fragrant oil, spicy duck 93 king, sweet orange in Shimen, there is a male dog, Shimen Mao Feng (tea) and egg mountain. We are here to break out of the egg yellow golden egg, and a fried rice, sweet dead person. What about? Greedy!

  I like my hometown, Changde. Love her love her every tree and bush, mountains and rivers; local customs and practices, special snack; love where she is my life every day.

我的家乡英语作文 篇6

  On the morning of August 18, 20xx, my father and three uncles sat with a sister for about a day and came to Chengde from pingdu. As you all know, Chengde is famous for Mountain Resort, and going to Chengde, of course, to visit Mountain Resort.

  Come to the front of Mountain Resort, tour guide aunt told us: "Mountain Resort area is 3/2 of Chengde city.". Also, we see that there is no "Mountain Resort" above the "avoid" words, plus a horizontal." I asked: "why?" the aunt said: "this is because the year of emperor Qian Long, the idea is not to summer, but avoid a disease --" smallpox ", he is afraid of people gossiping, so to avoid the word with a cross."

  Entering the village, Mountain Resort is a royal palace, which is used by the emperor for summer, training and hunting. It is divided into four parts: mountains, plains, palaces and lakes.

  The mountain area, where the emperors used to hunt, was taken by a mountain bike. We came to the two road, overlooking the Chengde city saw a small Potala Palace this is not Tibet Potala Palace down at the top, but the proportion of early Potala Palace in Tibet 5:1 construction. Then we go by car to the "limbo" (the cool that out of limbo).

  Lake lake here is the world's shortest Lake in Rehe, the river throughout the year does not freeze so called rehe. When the Qing Dynasty Rehe province because of the river.

  To the plain area, which is the vast grassland boundless, we only stay in the periphery for some time to go.

  The last one is the palace, the palace area is located in the southern end of the Mountain Resort, is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, dealing with affairs of state held festivals and live. Including the "Palace" and "cranes" and "myriad pines" and "East" four groups of buildings. The palace is the palace area of the main building, including 9 courtyards, divided into "former" and "sleep" in two parts. The temple is called "worldly desires Keswick", is built with precious Phoebe, it is also called Phoebe hall. This is the local governance of the Qing emperor, have a grand ceremony held here.

  We stayed at a three-star hotel in the evening and I didn't feel cool in Mountain Resort because of the name of the heat mountain resort.

我的家乡英语作文 篇7

  My hometown is a prosperous and beautiful city, it is located in the south of the motherland, hot and cool guangxi province, it is also a small city - jingxi.

  It is rich in fruit, and many of the fruits in wuhan, such as durian and shanzhu, may cost more than 50 yuan in wuhan, while in jingxi, it may be only 25 yuan.

  The scenery there was beautiful too. Once, we went to a place called tongling grand canyon. When we reached our destination, the night was already deep, and we soon fell asleep.

  In the morning, the veil of light mist over the city, we went out.

  The scenery here really startled me. The ancient trees were so beautiful that we walked in. The flowery pavilion is gorgeous in our sight.

  The grand canyon was big, and we walked for a long time to reach the waterfall. When the water comes down, it stirs a thousand waves.

  We went back to the secret road. It was a natural air-conditioner!

  After coming home, I had been thinking about the grand canyon for a long time, unable to sleep.

  If you come here, will you go to the grand canyon? It's so beautiful, so spectacular, I think you can't miss it.

  There are many beautiful and magnificent scenery in my hometown. Welcome to visit here!

我的家乡英语作文 篇8

  My hometown is very beautiful, people want to stay here forever.

  Get up every morning, we can see the smoke-filled lake, the sun shines on the top, the sparkling shine.

  In my hometown, the most beautiful autumn.Every autumn, the maple leaf has become its mainstream.

  Fruit trees in front of the dolphin family but also to bear the full fruit.

  I love home.