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  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 1

  The university school is like another home for our students. Its environment will affect our healthy growth and study. So it is important to create a green campus.


  The definition of the green campus is not only referred to its green environment, but also its hardworking atmosphere. We must bear these in mind and put these into practice.


  As the managers of school, they can provide us with beautiful environment. But that is not enough. The campaign to create a green campus needs the participation of every one. Firstly, we should protect the trees, grasslands and flowers in our mother school. Secondly, when we see the behavior of destruction, don’t stand by and do something to combat it. Besides, we also can give wide publicity to creating a green campus.


  With the joint efforts of every one, we firmly believe that the dream of creating a green campus will come true.


  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 2

  It is of great importance to make and maintain a green campus in our university or college. Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do that in the present days, since the concept of “a green world” has become the focus of the society.

  The idea of “a green campus” is beyond a green environment. To begin with, the development on the campus is to be sustainable and recyclable. Some of the authorities’ budget should be on how to reduce of the waste. What’s more, we’d better be aware of the seriousness of pollution around us. Thus the idea of environmental protection may become a common occurrence in our daily life.

  It is necessary that effective actions should be taken to protect our campus from waste and pollution, and hence these activities are to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Certainly, there is little doubt that further consideration must be paid to our green campuses.




  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 3

  Asis known to us all, the surrounding has a great impact on our study and recent years, creating a green campus has been a common and popular goal formost universities or colleges. Creating a green campus has a great influence onstudents because most students spend their much time in campus.


  However,in my opinion, to create green campus, what we need to do is not only to plantmore trees and grasses to beautify our campus’s environment but also to createan energy-efficient and resource-cycled campus. Everyone on campus should beinformed to form the habit of using resources properly and saving energy. Inaddition, the institutions should encourage students to use resourcescircularly.


  Ina word, creating a green campus needs us to make joint efforts. And we canachieve it by doing pieces of small matters in daily life, such as turning offthe light when leaving.


  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 4


  In front of our school gate, there is another No. 1 Bridge, which symbolizes that all the students who pass this bridge are No. 1. There is a small pond in front of Zhuangyuan Bridge. The water in the pond is dirty. Some people throw rubbish into it. The fish inside seems to say, "Dont pollute our home!" A statue has colourful pillars on it and a thick book below. It symbolizes that teachers and students work together to achieve good results.


  What a beautiful corner of our school

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 5


  Im Cai Zezhong from class 2, grade 5 of sanjiangtang primary school. Now let me introduce my school!


  There are many beautiful sceneries in my school, such as tall teaching building, wide playground, and beautiful garden All in all, its very beautiful.


  Every morning, if you walk into our campus, you will hear the sound of Lang Langs reading, which will make you feel happy. After class, you can hear the laughter of the students chatting.


  This is my school, I love my school!

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 6

  学校生活的一天 One day of school life

  In the morning, we will gather at the plaza and sing the national anthum. After taking the pledge, we will go back to class where lessons will soon began.


  After a few periods of classes, it’s recess! Recess is the time when we eat and play and go toilet. It‘s the only time in school where all students were enjoying school life. Too bad it’s only half an hour. After recess, we will go back to class where chucks of lessons start again.


  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 7


  On January 5, there was a heavy snow that I havent seen in 50 years. My school was also covered with a layer of colorless ice. The ice was also covered with a thick layer of snow. The whole campus was covered with a layer of white veil, which was very mysterious and charming.


  When I came to our playground, the snow was dug away by my classmates. There was only one layer of ice left on it. Everyone was skating on it, and people often wrestled. The ice became our special skating ground.


  Our rockery fountain is also covered with a thick layer of ice. I feel that the small fish in the pond may be shivering with cold, as if they are saying: "Tianna, its so cold! How cold we are! I wish Snow White would leave early and let spring girl bring warmth earlier


  The pines in our school are really tall and tenacious. They are always like a tall guard. In the summer, they are like an open umbrella. They cover the sun for us and make us feel cool. In the rainy days, they cover the rain for us and prevent us from becoming "drowned chickens". Now, they cover the snow and goose feather for us This tenacious pine, like water and fire, stands tall and straight there, accompanying us every day.


  I went to the pomegranate tree in the campus, and the pomegranate tree was withered, but I could feel the boiling in its body, and the new life was about to show

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 8


  Winter has gone quietly, and the spring we are looking forward to has come slowly. I think the campus in spring is also beautiful!


  The campus in spring is very beautiful. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. From time to time, childrens laughter came from afar in the campus. The bird also flapped its beautiful wings to come to the campus, and the grass sleeping under the mother of the big tree also raised its head curiously from time to time to see the scenery outside. Dashus mother has also grown new hair, and the children are talking about what they are talking about with laughter on campus. The hundred year old willow trees growing with us in the West also have a new appearance.


  Who came to the campus with fragrance? Oh It turned out to be a beautiful and lovely flower. Its to let us spring come and dont forget it. Hee! Hee! How can we forget you! 1,2,3,4…… Too many, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple Ah! Too many, we cant count from beginning to end!


  Wind girl also came to our campus, blowing warm on our face.


  Dingling - Dingling - class is over, the campus becomes quiet in spring. The trees did not shake, the birds did not call, only heard the students read aloud.


  Spring is so beautiful, I believe summer, autumn and winter will be so beautiful!


  I like the spring on campus!

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 9


  Entering the school gate, you can immediately feel the strong poetic flavor of the school. As soon as you enter the right side of the school gate, the Yellow cultural wall is engraved with the verse of "nine chants of Yiling". The rest of the surrounding walls are light gray, on which the poems of Chinese poets are decorated with antique picture frames. After class, we often go there to have a look. After reading, we are all cultivated into little poets. There is a big playground in the middle of the school. In the middle of the playground is a green basketball court, surrounded by red runways. After class, students like to play there. Some play, some jump rope, and some hide and seek


  Opposite to the school are two teaching buildings. Although they are not very high, they are the heaven of our study and the treasure of our teachers work. In the classroom, the windows are clear, and the sound of reading comes from the classroom, playing a happy song with the birds outside.


  There is a small bamboo forest behind the teaching building. On the ground is a winding path paved with small stones. The roadside is full of all kinds of flowers and trees. Dragonflies and butterflies are dancing here. There are several clusters of green bamboo. They are the paradise of birds. This small bamboo forest adds a beautiful landscape to our campus.


  This is my beautiful campus. I love my campus

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 10

  It is believed in common that beauty exists everywhere on the campus as long as you have an eye for it. Some people hold that natural scenes, especially at dawn, are the most beautiful on the campus while others believe that it is in the afternoon when the playgrounds are flooded with students taking part in sports. In my opinion, the best scene on the campus is during the rush hour when thousands of students rush towards the canteen.

  At precisely the same time as the bell rings, some students dash from the chairs, rushing to the canteen. They set the prelude to the most attractive scene of the whole day.

  Within a few minutes, all the classrooms become empty and everyone starts their journey for lunch, on foot or by bike. It gives people the impression that lunch is the most important thing in the world. Most of the students move at the same speed, with the exception of several excellent cyclists. They shuttle smoothly in the crowds just like fish swimming freely in the sea.

  On the way to the canteen, everyone looks anxious. but once inside, a look of pride and triumph takes over. Sometimes,it bubbles up in my mind that the rush hour hustle and bustle is the epitome of the intense competition in real life. If you want to realize your expectations, you must be armed with skills and knowledge, use time and resources efficiently and the most importantly, have a healthy body.





  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 11

  Enrich School Life

  Today, I heard a piece of good news. In order to enrich our school life, our school decided to make some free time for us. We don’t need to have class on Friday afternoon. And our school will provide some entertainment tools for us. We can play sports, sing songs, draw pictures and so on. We can learn many things and find lots of fun from it. I can’t wait to have such activity.


  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 12


  There is a long and narrow stone road on the east side of our campus. Along the red wall of the campus, it extends from the front of the teaching building to the door of the office building.


  This stone road is no more than 100 meters long and more than one meter wide. It is all made up of small pale blue stones. The small stones with seven edges and eight corners squeeze each other, and the cement filled in the joint is firmly stuck together. The road surface is flat and solid after the stone is pressed. The road side is made of red bricks into serrated Road teeth, which looks like a beautiful lace for the stone road. In front of the small red wall on the east side of Shizi Road, a row of tall and straight small poplars were planted. Whenever the brilliant sunshine through the thick leaves, sprinkled on the path, the stones on the road are also dyed with gold, shining.


  This is a common stone road. It is not as wide as asphalt road, nor as smooth as brick corridor. It may not attract peoples attention on campus, but it still sticks to its post silently year by year.


  In the morning, my teacher came from this stone road to give us lessons in the morning facing the morning sun. In the evening, my teacher walked from this stone road to the office to grade our homework I love the school stone road, love its dedication, but also love the stone road day after day, year after year countless round-trip people - my teacher!


  My teacher is like the stone road. No matter the wind or rain, the heat or the cold, he or she sticks to the teaching post silently, crossing us from the other side of obscurity to the other side of civilization, and erecting the ladder leading to the top of ideal. I cant forget the stone road in the campus, let alone the dear teacher who nurtured our growth

  创建一个绿色校园大学英语作文带翻译 13


  What a beautiful campus in winter!


  That morning, a heavy snow covered all things on the campus, you see, the playground is white. On the top of the teaching building, there is a thick layer of snow. On the grass in the flower bed, there is a thick layer of white cotton padded jacket. The whole world has become a white world.


  Lets talk about the flower bed first! Flower beds, branches are covered with white snow, a leaf are covered with thin snow. On the ground, its also white. The soil slope is covered with a layer of thick quilt. Some seeds in the soil are sleeping sweet sleep, waiting for the arrival of spring. The whole flower bed is made up of jade and silver, just like a poem: suddenly, the spring breeze comes all night, thousands of trees and pear blossom. How beautiful!


  Teaching upstairs, the same beauty. There is a thick layer of snow on the roof and a layer of breath on the windows. If you wipe it inside, you can clearly see the scenery outside.


  Finally, lets talk about the playground! You see, the playground is covered with thick snow, everything seems to be white. A group of students are snowballing, throwing snowballs, snowball fights and making snowmen. The cheery cries of the students boiled the playground and turned it into a sea of joy. A gust of wind blew, some of the snow on the branch shook off and fell to the ground, making a slight "pa pa" sound. There is still some ice on the ground. Under the suns light, there is a shining light.


  On the steps, some grandpa is sweeping the snow. In the cold winter, there are sweat on Grandpas head!


  Ah! Winter Campus, although not as vibrant as spring, not as hot as summer, not as cool as autumn, but I especially like winter campus. Because, it is beautiful.





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