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  英语话题作文 1

  When I am making mistakes, my parents will never be angry with me. I am so thankful to them for they are so tolerant with me.

  I learn many things from my parents, they show me how to be a tolerant person. They will not blame me for the small mistake that I make, instead, they will educate me in the gentle way. Unlike some parents who are strict to their kids, they will be very angry and said the hurting words, making the children feel sad.

  Being tolerant to other people’s mistakes is the best way to solve the problem. People will appreciate the kind act and make things goes on the easy way.





  英语话题作文 2

  I m writing to discuss about whether our parents should accompany us studying at school.

  We do have different opinions on this matter. Most of us think our parents should not accompany us studying at school since it make us fall into the habit of dependence, so that we won t form the good habit of studying.

  What s more, it is harmful for us to form the habit of controlling ourselves. At the same time it affects our parents work, studies and rest.While about 30% of my classmates think it necessary for our parents to accompany us studying at school. Accompanying us studying at school can let us have more time to study. Besides, we shall be more healthy with their care. On the other hand our parents can help us set up our aim, urge us to finish our task, encourage us to overcome difficulties and get us into the good habit of studying.

  我想讨论关于 父母有没有必要陪读 这个问题。

  在这个问题上我们有不同的观点. 70%的同学认为父母不应当陪读,这样会使我们养成依赖的坏习惯,而不利于养成学习的好习惯,更严重的是,它不利于我们将来自控能力的培养;同时,它影响了父母的工作、学习和休息。30%的学生认为父母有必要陪读。陪读使我们有更多的.时间学习,使我们的身体更健康;另一方面,陪读能帮助我们确立学习目标,督促我们完成学习任务,鼓励我们独立解决困难,养成良好的学习习惯。

  英语话题作文 3

  To be or nor to be, that is a question. To succeed or to fail? How to succeed and how to achieve? These problems confuse many teenagers in nowadays.

  We all have dreams, and we all work hard to realize them. But there will always be some problems and setbacks to stop the pace of advance. When they appear, what should we do? To stop or to go on? Mrs. Curie told us the answer. We all know that Mrs. Curie discovered radium, but how many people really know how hard she worked? At that time, there were many people disapprove of Mrs. Curie. Although she got over hundreds of difficulties, she still believed in herself and never gave up. Finally, she succeeded to discover radium. She proved that she was right by her continuous hard work and her strong spirit. We should learn from Mrs. Curie. She told us the truth through her own experiences that believe in yourself, you can do it! Never give up, face the difficulties with a smile, someday, you will be proud of yourself.

  The key to success is confidence. It makes you brave, helps you get over the troubles, and brings motivation to you. For example, somebody always get nervous when they have an important speech, if they are in a nervous mood, the results are always terrible. But if they are confident to themselves, the results turn out to be better. Therefore, be confident, believe in yourself, keep smile in your face when comes to difficulties, and you will achieve more.

  英语话题作文 4

  I love me to be full of joyous sound to laugh at the home town of language then. Spring, willow elder sister took off white dress, changed green marriage outfit. Smell of piquant little careless little brother cerebella bag, floret little sister showed white cheek. In farmer uncle afield arduous cultivated, sow. Our dot is on lawn amuse oneself. Birdie ases if to be attracted, also put sound to sing. Good echo stayed in that beautiful country. Summer, brook water clang clang flowing. Our children plays in river side amuse oneself. Old people talks of everything below shade. Cicada is crying, seem to saying: "Heat died to be heated up dead! " birdie is footloose on the sky the ground is happy fly.

  Good memory kept in that beautiful open country. The autumn, maple elder sister waves falling red autumnal leaves, as if one year when receiving a bumper harvest. Floret preparation goes and its brother elder sisters left. Farmer uncle goes up in the field of the hope, reaping oneself labor gain. We work in help farmer uncle. Birdie gang ground is in and everything here leaves. Leave in what happiness stayed in the field that is full of mirth then sound. In the winter, heavy snow swirls underground rise. We are happy on alley ground amuse oneself. All plants succumbed, only that evergreen tree is in wind snow loftily stand erect. Animal people mostly hibernant. In this quiet winter, kept the track of wintry elder sister.

  英语话题作文 5

  In recent years,Wechat is becoming increasingly popular. Many people express themselves, exchange ideas and deliver information(发信息)by Wechat.

  There are a number of reasons for Wechat to be known. To begin with, Wechat is a relative cheap way of communication,which cuts down a great deal of the cost of making a phone call. Next,Wechat is to the taste of(满足…的口味)the majority of people. Its attractive interface(程序)and various functions are loved wildly. Furthermore, convenience also accounts for its popularity. It is available everywhere and at any time.

  However, problems exist meanwhile. Firstly, our identity can be revealed(显露,揭示)when we use Wechat. As a result, we can be in trouble. Moreover, it may make communicating with others face to face(面对面)less. To make the matter worse(更糟糕的是),relationship could break down. Last but not the least(最后,但并不是不重要), our attention might be drawn too much to focus on study.

  That’s all. There is no doubt that Wechat will improve as time goes by.

  英语话题作文 6

  With the approach of Shanghai World Expo,what has caused the public concern is whether the local government should follow Beijing to take strict measures to restrict the use of private cars during the Olympics to solve the serious traffic problems.

  Shanghai experts have voiced different opinions about it,I hold that current traffic situation should be improved.First,as more and more private cars flood into cities,city services and facilities have been strained to a breaking point.Shanghai,the host city of the Expo,has been exposed not only to the problem of increasing population,but to the problem of the overcrowded traffic.A second problem is the physical environment.The growing number of private cars,whose exhaust sends huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,makes the air of cities unbreathable.

  All the action the committee will adopt just reflects the theme of 2010 Shanghai World Expo"Better cities,better lives".So,what’s your choice?

  英语话题作文 7

  Ladies and Gentlemen,Good morning!I'm very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. Man's life is a process of growing up,actually I'm standing here is a growth.If a person's life must constituted by various choices,then I grow up along with these choices.Once I hope I can study in a college in future,however that's passed,as you know I come here,now I wonder what the future holds for me. When I come to this school,I told to myself:this my near future,all starts here.

  Following I willl earn to become a man,a integrated man,who has a fine body,can take on important task,has independent thought,an open mind,intensive thought,has the ability to judge right and wrong,has a perfect job.Once my teacher said:"you are not sewing,you are stylist; never forget which you should lay out to people is your thought,not craft.” I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study,during these process I will combine learning with doing.If I can achieve this “future”,I think that I really grow up.And I deeply believe kind red,good-fellowship and love will be perfection and happy in the future.How to say future?Maybe it's a nice wish.Lets make up our minds,stick to it and surely well enjoy our life.

  英语话题作文 8

  They looked like a real football team — with snarling coach included. But the 10 men arrested at theweekend in Spain’s southern province of Cadiz were not going to play a match, despite their yellow and blue kit. They were drug traffickers who used their footballs, knapsacks and club strips, emblazoned with the team name of a local town, Guillen Moreno CF, as a ruse to fool border police as they passed from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in North Africa, to Algeciras, on the southern Spanish mainland, a police spokesman in Cadiz said.

  The fake team would usually cross the Straits of Gibraltar into the province of Cadiz on Saturday afternoons with the hash tucked beneath their jerseys and stage a drama to enhance their credibility before border agents. The supposed manager, 49, would carry a roster in his hand and continuously bark at the young men “Everybody pay attention, everybody stay right here!” and “Come on, follow me!”.

  The players would cross back to Ceuta on Sundays after the fictional match and actual drug sales in Spain. Police do not know how long the fake season lasted before a tip spurred an investigation. The game ended when officers stopped their cars in Cadiz and found a total of 16kg of hash hidden beneath the men’s strips in little pellets taped to their bodies.

  英语话题作文 9

  automated collection bus: a success or a failure in recent years, a new kind of bus has appeared in some big cities in china.

  on those buses, there are no conductors. when passengers get on the bus, they put the money for tickets into an iron bo net to the driver. this is what we call automa-ted collection bus.

  the appearance of the automated collection bus causes a hot discussion in all walks of life. some people consider it a great advance in technology and a sign of highly civilized society. on the contrary, others think that conductors play a vital part on buses. without them, the order on buses will be out of control.

  in my opinion, with the fast development of china, automated collection buses should be the trend of future public transportation. firstly, it is a good way to cut down cost and improve efficiency. using this kind of bus, bus cmpanies can save a lot of money on conductors salaries. and without conductors, the whole courseof taking buses will be much simpler. secondly, this new kind of huses may help people form a good habit. that is, they must pay for the tickets and keep the order by themselves.

  in conclusion, automated collection buses will benefit us in many ways. it is a success, but people must try their best to make full use of them.

  英语话题作文 10

  On the afternoon of Labor Day holiday, our family went out to play together. Colorful flowers welcome us with a smile; The grass tigers stretched out their small heads and waved to us. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery while hiking.

  Along the way, the Yo Yo dog jumped playfully into the water hole, and others splashed mud and water. We came to a rock and saw beautiful and fragrant honeysuckle all over the field. Cousin and cousin couldn't wait to pick up the stolen honeysuckle. Pick, I was mixed with honeysuckle and a little cane, slipped under my feet and fell to the ground. If I hold the honeysuckle vine tightly, I may catch its fragments. After picking flowers, my mother asked us, "do you know the benefits of honeysuckle?" Cousin said, "honeysuckle is Shannon." Cousin said, "honeysuckle can clear away heat, reduce fire and cause disease." I said, "honeysuckle can also reduce summer heat." Her mother said, "you're right, but the best place of honeysuckle is native. She doesn't appreciate other people's life."

  After watching the play, I not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but also understood the true meaning of life. Ah, I really gained a lot.

  英语话题作文 11

  Today is a sunny day . Father, mother and I go to the Beijing Wild Animals Zoo.

  First, we go to see the monkeys. There are many monkeys here. They are very interesting .Some are eating, some are swinging along the chains, others are fighting. Only one is sitting on the wood plank, she is very fat, I guess she has a baby in her belly.

  Second, we go to see the Chimpanzee. He is very big, he speaks”cici—cici--” ,like bees. Look, I am making a pose of a chimpanzee.

  Then , we go to see the animals show. I like monkeys and lions best. Monkeys can ride bikes. One monkey is very funny, when the wave his the monkey rides as fast as he can, but when the man doesn't see him, he falls down to the groud and have a rest. Here come the lions. The lions can jump through the fire ring, they are not afraid of fire at all.

  After show, we get on a car with iron net to see wild animals. We see brown bears, they are swimming in a pond. I feed the vegetables to the deers ,giraffs and zebras. Oh, there is a tiger in front of our car. We throw the meat to the tiger, he is very happy, he runs to the meat and eats it.

  Off get the car, I see many people are taking pictures with a baby lion! I want to take a pictures with him ,too. Mom is worried , but Daddy says OK, I run to the baby lion quickly , I hug the lion and Mum takes pictures for me.

  What a wonderful day !

  英语话题作文 12

  China is the biggest family with 56 ethnic groups. Among them, the HanChinese is the largest and the most highly developed group. The Han Chinese canbe found in many parts of China. They mainly live in the north plain region, themiddle and the lower reaches of Yangze River and Pearl River Deltas. The other55 groups are the minority ethnic groups. They are distributed in themountainous areas of southwest and northwest of China.

  Being too far away from big cities, the minority ethnic groups are poor ineconomy and there people are not well-educated. They have very fewunderstandings of science and technology. So they must develop theireconomy.

  To help the people of the minority ethnic groups live better, thegovernment should take some effective measures. For one thing, more and moreknowledgeable undergraduates should be encouraged to those poor areas to helpthe people there to get rid of their poverty. For another, the advanced scienceand technology must be introduced into the minority ethnic groups to improvetheir living conditions. More importantly, people of the minority ethnic groupsshould be given equal opportunities to study and work. Only so will China bemore prosperous in the future.

  英语话题作文 13

  Word came that a reading festival would be held by our school and there is a need for a picture for advertisement and I am writing to give my opinion. From my perspective , I am in favor of the picture in the top right corner.

  As is vividly depicted in that picture, around the table sit three kids with a couple of books in their hands, having a heated discussion about the contents and sharing their thoughts for the themes, which shows their dedication and passion for reading.

  Basically, several reasons are listed for my preference. First, nothing is more attractive than a proper and realistic picture. This picture serves as an epitome of our daily reading scene in the school and it is apt to let students recall the joy and harvest while reading.

  Second, this picture stands for the fun of sharing and exchanging ideas. With regard to reading, there is a saying that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. After reading, bits and pieces of thoughts will appear in our mind, so it is beneficial to have a better understanding after comparing notes about what we have read.

  From what is mentioned above, I, undoubtedly, approve of the picture in the top right corner. Thus, I would appreciate it if you could take my proposal into consideration and I wish this festival a complete success.

  英语话题作文 14

  When it comes to the college entrance examination, people usually have a saying, " after all is fair ". I think not, and said, this is truly a doublespeak. College entrance examination has never justice; justice and happiness, never absolute.

  From an examination of the identified, could be clearly seen, its purpose is to choose some people, instead of giving all give the so-called fair, objective has already established its injustice, not because it means is disclosed that it is fair, there is no test high school graduates are not eligible for social education resources? For various reasons, failed after suffering the students, their pain is deserved? Besides, originally around the education level is not the same, and the college entrance examination because of each district enrollment allocation number is over, obtain fractional line is not the same, is this fair?

  But today we come to see, we can not because of starving when getting a steamed bread of happiness, and thought the steamed bread is always our happiness. Just, fair is always relative, happiness is relative, we should review and revise for many years as a "good thing " behind the defect.

  英语话题作文 15

  Ladies and gentlemen, the world, which is said to be one of the wonders in the world. It has a history of Welcome to our English Corner. This Corner was set up three years ago. Every more than twenty centuries. It is amazing to see such a huge wall was made Sunday morning, students from different schools gathered around here. Many entirely by hand.

  college students and some foreigners often join us, We practice spoken The other place worth visiting is the Palace Museum, which was built in 1406. English by talking about everything we are interested in. We also exchange Twenty-four emperors once lived there. from there the ruling emperors issued our experience in English study. We all have a good time here. Thousands of orders. You can learn a lot about Chinese history by visiting this Palace. people have been here since it was set up. What a pity that you can't stay longer, otherwise, you could visit many other We think that we have learned a lot by taking part in activities here. It is a real historic places and beautiful scenes such as Summer Palace, Bei Hai park.. and supplement to our English class and it is welcomed by students. Their parents so on. and teachers. They all think it is helpful. If you want to know more about the

  corner, you may talk to the students here.

  英语话题作文 16

  Sep. Sec. 1995, Wednesday

  Fine Dear John, Today our school had an opening ceremony in the school auditorium. All I was excited to hear that you would come to China next month. Now let me tell the teachers and students as well as some famous scientists and government you something different you may meet here. To begin with, the weather here is officials attended. Our principal made a speech. He hoped everybody in our totally different from that in your place. It hardly ever rains but whenever it does, school would work harder and make even more progress in the new term, “three-good-deed” students were rewarded with prizes. Principal also announced it rains heavily. So you'd better bring a raincoat and overcoat. Another big difference is food. The Chinese food is quite different from that some honour students received Zhou Peiyuan scholarships because they had yours. You have to try to get used to it, and learn how to use chopsticks. I'm sure won medals in various competitions. A famous scientist then made a speech. He you can do it. told the students about his learning experience and how he achieve success in Finally please bring me a big American map if possible. Thank you very his research work. I was so moved by what he said. much.

  I am looking forward to meeting you.

  Yours Zhang Nan

  英语话题作文 17

  forty-two horses had taken up their position on the starting line for the greatest race of the season. the course was etremely difficult and few horses were epected to finish. all eyes were on the favourites, college boy and sweet seventeen. both horses had won a great many races in the past and they had equal chances of winning now.

  though the horses got off to a good start, it was not long before over half of them were out of the race. as was epected, college boy and sweet seventeen had got well in front with the remaining horses grouped together some way behind. on a sharp corner, three of the horses leading the group fell, throwing the riders behind into great confusion . as the race progressed, the track became full of horses without riders. towards the end, there were only three horses left: college boy and sweet seventeen were still leading with an unknown horse, tom thum, a very long way behind. the crowd was very disappointed when on the last jump in the race. the riders of both favourite horses failed to keep the saddle .

  everyone roared with delight when college boy continued by himself and“won”the race----without his rider! tom thum now took his time and the crowd cheered and applauded as he crossed the finishing line without a rival in sight.

  英语话题作文 18

  I ’m more than delighted to write to you ,providing you with some information in relation to our next class,which will be attended in Room 301 of the university library this Saturday morning.It will last three hours or so from 8:00 to 11:00. When it comes to the teaching plan,I ’ll spare some time to share Tang poetry with you. It is known to us that the Tang Dynasty plays a vital role in Chinese history,especially its economy and culture,both of which can create a deep impression on you.You ’ll find it impossible to avoid getting to know Tang poems as long as you want to study Chinese well and broaden your horizons.As a consequence, I ’ll put emphasis on analysing and appreciating poems of some distinguished poets,such as Li Bai and Du Fu.Therefore,you may as well collect some materials related to the Tang Dynasty ’s history in advance,which can help you to have a better understanding of Tang poetry. I ’m looking forward to your early reply.

  Yours, coming New Year. On New Year's Day, people greet each other.

  Some people wear new coats and visit temples to pray for happiness and health through out the New Year. Children are busy with getting the gifts from their parents and relatives.

  英语话题作文 19

  Today's students complain: "it's too stressful!" "How come so much pressure?" And I think we should be thankful for the stress.

  For example, take me to say: very not easy summer vacation, I really want to relax greatly, but father and mother give me pressure, want me to practice sports, to finish the homework. And I, at the request, had completed the task carefully, and now suddenly I found my body strong, with perseverance, and my writing improved. So I thought, if my parents didn't give me the pressure to do it seriously, and let me manage myself, I'm afraid there wouldn't be any progress.

  Stress not only leads to progress, but there is also a goal of stress, and there is an incentive to move forward, and everything will be done better and faster.

  In times of stress, try to turn the stress into motivation, instead of cutting corners.

  Stress limits us, sets goals and gives us the motivation to get things done. It can be said that stress makes our task better, faster and more efficient!

  So, stress is not necessarily a bad thing. We need to change the pressure for motivation and the goal. To be honest, I think pressure gives us efficiency and success. Isn't it?

  英语话题作文 20

  Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles ,and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment. This kind of air pollutant come from a variety of natural and manmade sources. Natural sources can include windblown dust, and soot from wildfires. Manmade sources can include motor vehicles, and industrial fuel burning, and manufacturing operations. The one of the main cause that touches off haze is manufacturing operations. Many factories were over measure produced the smog that had over the standard and the smog seriously influence the air become air pollution. The components that make up haze may have negative

  effect on people's health especially that of the children and the elderly. Also not excluded are those who have certain diseases such as asthma, allergy, and pneumonia and lung disease. Workers working in the open air have a high risk in their health. One of effective solutions to help eliminate haze is to make some chemistry changes during the manufacturing process,so it could reduce harmful emissions which are produced by

  manufacturing operations

  英语话题作文 21

  A robbery happened near the Bank of China on March 8th, 2002. A woman was robbed of her money by a tall robber with long brown hair after she took money out of the bank. The robber was riding a motorbike, wearing a mask and carrying a gun in hand. In three minutes, the policeman arrived at the spot and fought with the robber who tried to run away with the money. After half an hour's fight, the robber was shot to death at the turning of the street. The woman was very grateful to the police. Please be careful while going out.

  There happened a robbery near the Bank of China on March 8th,2002. The details were that a scoundrel with a gun was robbing a women of money. The scoundrel had long brown hair, his face covered and rode a motorcar. He tried to take money out of the woman's pocket. But the police arrived three minutes later, fighting with the scoundrel. The scoundrel tried to run away with money, but he failed. After half an hour, the scoundrel was shot by a policeman at the corner of the street. The women appreciated the police. Everybody should be careful while going out.

  英语话题作文 22

  If i were a boy again, i would practice perseverance more often, and never give up a thing because it was or inconvenient. if we want light, we must conquer darkness. perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results. “there are only o creatures,” says a proverb, “who can surmount the pyramids—the eagle and the snail.”

  If i were a boy again, i would school myself into a habit of attention; i would let nothing e beeen me and the subject in hand. i would remember that a good skater never tries to skate in o directions at once.the habit of attention bees part of our life, if we begin early enough. i often hear grown up people say “ i could not fix my attention on the sermon or book, although i wished to do so” , and the reason is, the habit was not formed in youth.

  If i were to live my life over again, i would pay more attention to the cultivation of the memory. i would strengthen that faculty by every possible means, and on every possible occasion. it takes a little hard work at first to remember things accurately; but memory soon helps itself, and gives very little trouble. it only needs early cultivation to bee a power.

  英语话题作文 23

  With the wide spread of hamburger Restaurant, especially the McDonald and KFC, our children are exposed to these kinds of high calorie food.Therefore, some people worry that if our children eat too much hamburgers, then they would gain weight quite easily. Some people argue that hamburgers do no bad to children’s health. Standing on my point of view, I suggest that children shouldn't eat hamburgers. Reasons are listed below.

  First of all, eating hamburgers leads to fat. It is known to all that all the hamburgers are junk food containing high calorie and high fat while low nutrition. If our children eat them often, then they will be gaining weight easily. What’s worse, they will be dystrophic so as to affect body development.

  Secondly, eating hamburgers often will cause cancer. Most hamburgers are fried food. It is investigated that if we eat fried food often, then we will be easy to get cancer.

  All in all, though hamburgers are popular around the world, they are classified into the circle of junk food because it will lead to fat and even cause cancer if our children eat too many. So, we shouldn’t take our children to eat hamburgers.

  英语话题作文 24

  The failure of the examination left me unexamined and unpunctual. Never by the teacher as a "good boy" this time I'm in class after the top 20, the feelings of grief around all day in my heart, in my heart left a scar immortality.

  Stay alone in the bedroom, slowly open the instrument cover, 88 black and white keys appear in front of my eyes, I smile, for the sake of the exam, didn't practise the piano for a long time, in the end is not draw water with a sieve, fingers are rusty, I do so worth it? I ask about the most authentic self that is bound to lose. But there was no response. Maybe she was laughing at me.

  Rational thought, sitting in front of the piano, a strange and familiar feeling envelops me, a helpless self. The hands are lightly placed on the keys, cool and comfortable. I want to play something, but I can't remember anything. I shook my head and turned on the music, and I saw a song in front of me, but they didn't give me any feeling. Suddenly I turned to a page, and my fingers stopped, and I was trembling. "A dream wedding"! This song that has brought me so many honors, is it really that I want to play?

  英语话题作文 25

  Teachers and fellow students, As we all know, an 8.0 earthquake broke out at 2:28pm on May 12th in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province.

  It’s reported that the earthquake was so strong that it has caused 68,109 deaths and 364,552 people were hurt. Many houses and schools were destroyed and as a consequence, more than five million people are living a hard life now. Just imagine how the students there need help and that schools should be built so that students can return to classes soon.

  People all over the world are trying their best to help them, not excepting us. Here Students’ Union calls on everyone to give away your old clothes and pocket money and bring your used books, mp3s or something else to sell in the bring-and-buy sale. All the materials and the money to be collected will be sent to the earthquake stricken areas as soon as possible. My fellow friends, “blood is thicker than water”(血浓于水). Please donate your love and give out your hands without hesitation.

  We believe miracles can be created, a great many lives will be saved and the harmonious society is sure to be achieved. That’s all. Thank you!

  英语话题作文 26

  As is widely acknowledged, whatever small good deeds we do can definitely make a big difference in our life. I learned this from one of my experiences that I went through during my Senior One school life.

  One day, when I was wandering through the street, I suddenly witnessed an old man fall to the ground. Without hesitation, I hurried to help him stand up and rested him in a street chair nearby. What surprised me most was that some classmates warned me not to do it again as the family might mistake me for the offender. I was so frustrated that I almost accepted the fact that I had really done something improper. It was my parents' approval and the teachers' praise as well as the family's gratitude that helped me the good deed I had done. From then on, whenever possible and wherever necessary, I am always willing to give a helping hand to those in need. It wasn't long before I was chosen as one example in our school for helping others.

  From this story, I am absolutely convinced that small kind deeds are worth doing in spite that we may be wronged for this. Only in this way can we contribute to building a harmonious society.

  英语话题作文 27

  As is known to us all, Micro-blog(微博)is a new tool in the era of mass media(大众传媒), and the status(地位)of micro-blog in people’s life is more and can’t be replaced today. Many people tend to take advantage of micro-blog to describe their everyday experience, and through the network to share with their friends. Moreover, through the micro-blog we can quickly understand the various news. Indeed, to some extent(在某种程度上), such as efficient as a fashion.

  However, micro-blog will inevitably(不可避免地)have a negative impact on some aspects. Micro-blog on freedom of speech, some of the information was distorted and misleading(曲解,误解). What is more, some people in micro-blog release some fraudulent(欺骗的)information, and this brings certain threat on people’s property safety. In addition, some unhealthy information on Micro-blog, to some extent, affects the healthy development of young people.

  As far as I am concerned, we can’t deny that micro-blog plays an important role in our lives more grade. On the other hand, indulged in micro-blog will do harm to our study and life. Therefore, we should use micro-blog reasonably, and let the micro-blog serve us better.

  英语话题作文 28

  Ms.Li,our Englishteacher,must have found it strange on Teachers'Day; she did not receive a single greeting card from usstudents.She would have never thought a completesurprise was waiting for her.(开头)

  As Teachers'Day wasapproaching,our class decided to hold a party tocelebrate the important day for a change this year. On the afternoon of September 10,some of us decorated our classroom with paper flowersand balloons,and others went to buy cakes,drinks and fruits.Theblackboard was decorated with beautiful words,which read“HappyTeachers'Day!”

  Entering the classroom,Ms.Li wassurprised to find we were standing in line,clappinghands and saying loudly“Happy Teachers'Day!”Wang Hua,our monitor,presentedher with the prepared flowers.Some of thegirls sang songs for Ms.Li,and three boys showed their Gongfu talent.Before we left,we enjoyeda new English song by Ms.Li.

  Ms.Li spent a wonderful time with us,but we know that we cannot thank her enough for all herhard work and guidance.

  All in all,every road leads to Roma,but Ibelieve hard work pays off.