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家庭英语作文 篇1


  Hello, everyone, welcome to my home. Ma Chi I am positive and optimistic, I am a boy, I was nine years old and a half. My birthday is November 26, so I can eat delicious cake soon. There are five people in my family: look, my grandfather, my grandmother, my father mother and I. Although I don't have a brother and sister, but I live also very happy. Our house is very spacious, there are two bedrooms, a living room and a new study.My grandma and grandpa are nomads, but it's already retired, they look very young, I hope they healthy forever.My father is a very good driver, he's tall and strong and has a kind heart. My mother is a particularly good secretary, she's hard-working and ingenuity.I am a lively and active fifth-grade elementary school students, but we like to play volleyball, table tennis, also enjoy doing manual, rollerblading. I love to eat pineapple, sweet and sour, it is very delicious. There are many books in our house, I also love reading all the more, every weekend I would forget all about eating and sleeping.My mom and dad love me very much, I also love them very much. Dad at leisure, sometimes will take our family of five to foreign travel, mountain climbing, climbing in the desert. As long as you are a free and I will give them to tell jokes, let them relax. Grandma and grandpa kua I am a sensible child, every time at this moment, my heart joy bloom.I hope everyone has such a harmonious family.


家庭英语作文 篇2

  He lives in China. My family name is Jian. I have one brother and one sister. My name is Jeff. My brother's name is Art. My sister's name is Sophia. My father's name is Jian Zong-he and my mother's name is Jenny. I like to watch TV and play PC games. My brother likes them, too. My father and my mother both like to watch TV. My brother and I are both junior high school students. My father is a businessman. My mother is a businesswoman. I like my family very much.

家庭英语作文 篇3

  whatever people may say to the contrary, i have on use for tv. i know there are many people who go along with me, even though they seem to be willing to fall under the spell of the bo every time they turn it on. what a waste of time! let me count the ways tv plays havoc among the members of my family who are all bitten by the tv bug. first, we keep our eyes on the tv screen, forgetting what are in the dishes at suppertime. second, on occasion we quarrel like anything with one another over which program to watch. third, as long term faithful tv viewers we all wear glasses—a sad phenomenon for which we alone are responsible. fourth, sometimes, misdirected by what we see on tv, we lose our sense and go against our parents' wishes. these are the things i hold against tv, and there are many others;. in fine, tv does d9isturb the peace of my family and for the sake of my family i really wish my mother could throw away that damned thing wrongly dubbed "the greatest invention of the twentieth century."

家庭英语作文 篇4

  A picture is on my desk. This is a picture of Jim's family. The man is Jim's father. A woman is behind Jim. She is his mother. They are teachers. A girl is in the picture, too. She is Jim's sister. Her name is Kate Green. Jim and his sister are in the same school. They are English.


家庭英语作文 篇5


  My Family

  Hello,everyone! I'm Li Mei. Look! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is a teacher. He is 36,and my mother is 36,too. Who’s that boy? Oh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.




家庭英语作文 篇6

  My name is Zeyu. I’m a Chinese boy. I’m from Changzhou. I’m thin. My eyes are small. My father is an engineer and my mother is a bus driver. They don’t work on Saturdays and Sunday.

  They like going shopping on Sundays. Sometimes they like cooking, but I don’t. I like playing football with my friends. In the evenings I watch TV.

  Sometimes I listen to music, but my parents don’t. They like reading magazines. I have a happy family.




家庭英语作文 篇7

  Career or Family: which is more important?

  When asked about their opinion of career and family, people always respond differently. Some people deem it more important to pursue their career, while there are always other people who argue that family should be the number one in one’s life.

  It goes without any question that career plays a key role in our life. In the very first place, career can give us an aim to live on. Without career, much of our living time will be certainly wasted. What’s more, career can provide us with a means to live on. Most of the people earn their income from a job. On the other hand, family is also an indispensable part of life, as many people will admit. Family is always regarded as a place where we can escape from troubles in life. In addition, we can obtain a sense of belonging to from family. Without it, anyone will feel lonely and desperate.

  In my opinion, career and family are not in opposition to each other. Rather, they can enhance each other so that one’s life can become better and better. Therefore, it’s not a choice between right and wrong, but one between ideal and practical.




家庭英语作文 篇8





  听写完毕,我看着画着好几个“o” 的本子,不由得又叹了口气:“唉!”