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  My school is very beautiful.It is Yucai Primary School of Beijing. I like my school very much. There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees in our school and our school is always clean and tidy.There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often play sports on it , too. Our teaching building has five floors. My classroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean. The computer rooms are on the third floor. There is a library on the second floor. There are many books in the library. I often read books here. There are some music rooms and art rooms in the teaching building, too. The teachers in my school are very kind . The students are very polite and smart. I am happy in my school.



  Hello! I am Yulan, a sunshine girl! I’m a student in Class Two Grade Seven. My school lifeis so wonderful! Classes begin at 8:10 a.m.

  I have four classes in the morning and three classes in thafternoon. My favorite subject is math, because it ’s easy and interesting! Do you like math,can you tell me? I usually have lunch at school, then, I have rest. After school, I often climb hills with my classmates on the playground. It,’s my favorite outdoor activities I like it very much! What do you think?


  Round hill elementary school, the schools name we all one hundred years of history is a primary school.

  Together into the school, is white marble stone into three tall monument, with Confucius, Albert Einstein, leonardo Da Vinci. Walk a few steps saw with crystal glass, glass table has Einstein not statue of Lao tzu and Confucius, inspire us to study harder.

  Go forward along the campus path, you will see the hallway with a row of purple vines flower, here is a row of benches, marble vault with the stainless steel frame is arched above. Spring, wisteria out new shoots, long out of the green leaves. Summer, wisteria branches grow the most flourishing, the thick layers of branches in the hot summer sun, the students to read in her arms, play. In the fall, dark green leaves like lentils out of fruit. Not carefully can-t find it? In winter, just have some leaves turn yellow slowly, wisteria winding coil on the shelf.

  Behind the wisteria frame there is a piece of stone forest, giant stone like handfuls of sharp sword straight into the sky, they differ in size and shape.

  This is our beautiful school!







  First here is our favourite place our beautifui garden many trees and many flowers in it. then you can go into it .Now,you know why we love it right .we can write red and chat in it.(tell you a secret:I like it because it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

  Now,I will tell you more about my friends &teachers. Over here teachers are friendly to us,so we never say a bad word about them.Because of these,students can get good grades at my school.(Would you like to come?)

  I think my school is one of the best schools in the world.Because we have good teachers good students and everything is beautiful. I like it, every at it likes it.





  I study in the No.1 Primary School. Its one of the best primary schools in my city. There are four buildings in campus.Two of them are teaching buildings. The other two are library and gym. The teaching buildings are huge and the classroom is large and bright.

  There are plenty of books in the library. I like reading books in the library. After class, students like playing in the gym. It’s a popular place after class. Besides, our teachers are great. They care much about students. I am happy to study in my school.



  My school is at Haimen Town. It is very big and beautiful. There are forty-three classes in it. When you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building. Our teachers work and do practice in it. Behind the building, there are two classroom buildings and a school library. In the library there are thousands and thousands of books. After class you can borrow the books you want and also you can read them in the reading room at any time. Beside our classroom, there is a big playground. At about 4:30 p.m. every day, many students play football, basketball and some of them play tennis. All the playground is alive.

  Our school is a model school in Jiangsu. I like my school very much.





  My school is very beautiful, and wide and big.

  In the spring, flowers bloom, to outshine each other. The grass drill out of the ground, she opened her eyes, like a dream, is really beautiful.

  Summer, the tall trees like handfuls of giant umbrella, give us a good cool under the tree, do you like the game.

  In autumn, the leaves become yellow and fall down. The autumn wind blows, the withered and yellow leaves of wearing a yellow dress like a little girl in the dance, that beautiful action person to taste a dance dinner, beautiful!

  Winter, the trees in the school, only the bare branches, swaying in the wind, not to live, a rustling sound, that beautiful voice as if to say: "dont look at me is bare, Im in the saving power, waiting for the arrival of spring!"

  I love my school, love more picturesque scenery.


  My school is located in the hometown of mozi - tengzhou, it has to accompany me spent three spring, summer, autumn and winter, I love my school.

  School life is rich and colorful. In addition to basic courses, but also add computer classes and innovative activity. Computer classes let us master the computer knowledge, get more information. And innovation activity is a day of the last class: puzzle games class on Monday, Tuesday, special features from the course, reading class on Wednesday, Thursday, science and education. School consider very considerate, were all very fond of.

  The subjects offered by the school not only I, equipment is advanced. Each classroom is equipped with a computer can surf the Internet, there is a multifunctional television. Teachers can use their multimedia teaching, we can also through the big screen in science class pupils movie, is really great!


  Step into the school gate, look, a sea of people on the playground students are free to play, play.

  When the teacher in class we can strictly, talented) students in our class performance is very good. The teacher in class is also very humorous, often made my classmates laugh, really fun!

  When the class students went to play in the playground. Once, a classmate accidentally fell down, nose bleeding also touch, the crying crying with pain. I run over and pick him up and said: "you are iron man, the pain wont cry, come on, I use my super anti-inflammatory saliva help you diminish inflammation, package your problem." With he immediately smile through tears.

  In physical education, we go down long jump, I jump scored 108, the students shouted world record!

  I love my beautiful school! I love the teachers and students in the school more, I will good good study, add luster for the school.


  I have a school, Its nice and big. Its name is Sha He School.

  My school is big.There are fourty--two classroom in my school, There are many trees in my school. There is a big playgrund in the school. I often play with my frinds on it.

  There is a big farm behind my school.Every day, The English, maths, Chinese, music and P E are my classes.

  I like my school best. I love my school!


  Look!This is my school!

  It is very big,The doors on both sides of the two teaching building. There are many classroom in the

  teaching building.lab is on the first fioor,

  library is on the second floor, music room on the third floor. We are reading books in the classroom, learning, singing.

  In front of the teaching building is a large playground. After class, we are running in the playgroud, and play, there are many trees on the playground.

  I like my school.


  Hello, my friends! I am a little reporter in My School. Now let me to take you to look at my “strong” school.

  First, you surely want to ask: “Where is your school?” Look, My School is located adjacent to the beautiful Fenhuang hill, having more than 100 years educational history. What is My School like? Let me tell you. She occupies an area of 15649M2. At present, there are 805 pupils in 18 classes, consisting of 20 function rooms such as music and dance rooms, network computer classrooms, multimedia lecture rooms, science and technology rooms and so on. What is My School’s educational goal? It is “Education can flourish nation, knowledge is the power!” Now My School has a strong team of faculty. Many teachers win a lot of awards and have the public classes in town and district and pupils’ music, art and composition get numerous prizes in plenty of matches. P.E is the educational characteristic in My School. The track and field, football and weight-lifting also gain lots of awards. My School will try her best to be “ the Window School in the North in Tianhe District”.

  This is My School. How do you think ? Is she very strong ? If I have chance, I will introduce more to you. OK! Stop here.


  My school is big and beautiful. There are two classroom buildings in my school. We have classes in the classroom. The classrooms are in the classroom building. There is a playground in my school. We have sports and play on the playground. There is a dining hall in my school. We eat lunch in the dining hall. There are a lot of trees and flowers in my school. I like my school very much.



  School are students second home.Every stuent loves their school.I like my school very much.My school is very great.Lt is the best school.My school taught mang excellet students.Five years ago,my school is simple and crude.There is only few students in our school. Now,our shool is beauiful.There are more than 5 thousand students.Equipement is very abundant.We can surf the Internet now.

  I love my school.Myschool welcomes you.


  I study in Mingfa Binjiang Branch of Langya Road Primary School West Campus of Senior Group. This is a good school. The school playground is very big and there are many sports equipment for us to play with.Our school has the fourth floor.There are 27 senior classes in our school.Every floor has our classroom. I am now in Class 8, Grade 5. Our classroom is on the third floor. Every floor also has a teachers office. Team leaders in each class send their collected homework to the teachers office every morning. There is a music room and an art room on the first floor. Students sing and dance in the music room every day. The students draw in the art room every day. The principals office is on the second floor. If the parents of the students are not satisfied with the teachers, they can go to the principals office to complain. There is a science room on the third floor. Students have science lessons in the science room every day. There is a big library on the fourth floor. Students can read books in it every day. This is my school.


  Our school is located in the various ge the west side of town. Campus beautiful scenery, four seasons spring. The children grow up happily in the campus.

  Our campus is beautiful. Enter the school gate, the first thing you encounter is neatly flower bed. Flower beds in the lovely green grass, the grass is full of colorful flowers open. Wind, the scent will be filled with the wind the whole campus. In the flower beds and tall and straight pine tree, green bamboo, graceful willow. The plants and trees on campus dressed exceptionally beautiful.

  Our campus is sweet. The most beautiful buildings in our school is the teaching building. The students sit in capacious and bright classroom learning, the teacher hard to cultivate our growth. Early morning, lang langs top fly out from the classroom, what the voice sounds beautiful.

  Our campus is boiling. A time to class, the playground is boiling up. The students some in the rope skipping, some in shuttlecock kicking, some are playing basketball, and playing games. The students have really happy ah.

  Our campus is really a beautiful vibrant campus. I love our school.







  I love our campus but I love the beautiful and energetic campus scenery more.Our school has a beautiful little garden. There are many flowers in the small garden. After class we can play with the flowers.Our school also has a big playground. We chase around the playground every day.There are tall buildings in our school. We can have classes in the teaching building.

  I love my beautiful school.


  Welcome to our school! Our school is the key middle school in this city. Now we are in the front gate. Entry in this school, you can see there is a big football playground on the left and a big resturant on the right. If you’re hungry, you can have something good in there. The grand teaching building is right behind the football playground. We spend most time in the classrooms. Behind the teaching building, there is a little lake with many fish in it. Oh, there is also a nice library next to the lake. After the class, we can entry the library freely to read the books we like. This is our school. Don’t you think it’s great?



  My school is a beautiful campus you dont believe in? I take you to visit my school.

  You see walked into the door and two rows of stand proudly welcome our arrival it is like a soldier standing guard guard our campus. Back is a beautiful flower open be riotous with colour of flowers very good and diligent bees in the above step honey; and a beautiful butterfly there is dancing in the air very good! Bed is behind the teaching building see the classroom desks and chairs placed in neat but it is our indispensable faithful partner every classmates upright sitting concentrate ones attention on class there fall over each other to speak always came the sound of reading a bent on learning. The teaching building of the right there is a basketball court teaching to the left of the building is a large playground where there are a lot of students are playing; every Monday all the students went to the playground to the raising of the national flag. Playground on the left is a green lawn where you can play play football can be fun. The lawn is surrounded by a stand gracefully erect poplars they be conscientious and do ones best to stand there as if to defend the national dongliangzhicai. In looking at the outside is walls walls covered with ivy in the fall ivy leaves slowly turned red very good-looking is really a beautiful scenery line.

  This is my school I love my school.







  We have studied in XXX High School for several months.When I first went into the school gate and saw my new classroom and teachers I thought I would have a new start .The school life is very busy and exciting.There are many activities in our school,Such as Sports Meeting,Science Week and Art Week and so on.We all take an active part in it .I have made many new friends and we often help and learn from each other in study.Our teachers have taught us a lot .They not only teach us how to study but also teach us how to be a useful person in society.They tell us is a thing is worth doing,it is worth doing well and many other things.Habit is a second nature,so teachers often remind us to make a good habit.

  People often said:There is no royal to learning.Now I feel it is true.The study now is far more different than before.I often find there are something difficult to understand at once.At this time,you must spend a lot of time studying by yourself or you wont make progress.Of course study is hard but when you make progress youll find it is interesting.

  Our school is clean and beautiful.There are many trees and flowers around it.In order to make our school more and more beautiful we should try our best to keep it clean.Dont throw rubbish on the ground.We are members of XXX High school.

  Today we are pound of XXX,tomorrow XXX will be prounded of us.


  I study in a beautiful school. There are many trees and flowers in campus. It’s green all the year round. There are three buildings in my school. Two of them are teaching buildings and one is office and library. Our classroom is large and bright. We are happy to study in it. Besides, there are two playgrounds in my school, a basketball court and a football field. After class, I often play in the basketball court. And, there are many other places for fun in my school. I like my lovely school.



  My School

  My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much.

  There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often play sports on it , too. Our teaching building has five floors. My classroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean. The computer rooms are on the third floor. There is a library on the second floor. There are many books in the library. I often read books here. There are some music rooms and art rooms in the teaching building, too.

  The teachers in my school are very kind . The students are very polite and smart. I am happy in my school.


  My School

  This is my school, it is so big and beautiful. School classroom very capacious, also extremely clean, our teacher is very friendly to us. Our school is in stationery shop opposite. Our school learning environment is very good.

  We study at school very happy! I love my school!





  I study at Beishan Primary School. I like my school very much. Our school is small, but it’s very beautiful.

  When you go into the school gate, you can see a big tree in the middle of the small playground. If you turn left, you can see a playground. It’s our little world. We often play games there. In our school, there are many trees. They grow well. There are one buildings on the right side of the playground. We have classes in the building.

  This is our school, our second home. Do you like it? Welcome to our school! You can see many lovely students.


  My school is very beautiful.There are many colorful flowers in the garden and there are many trees on the saids of road.

  there are also many teachers and students.The whole of them are very friendly and the students are very hard-working.They all want to get the good grades.

  the air in my school is very fresh and the school is very big.So we have enough room to play together.

  I love myschool,and I will enjoy the time in school until I finish the study!


  Im Sandy. I study in Hangzhou Experimental Foreign Language School. School is my second home in my life. It provides a nice environment for me to study and live.

  My school is very big and beautiful. There are many flowers, many trees and some grass. They are very nice. There are eighty teachers and more than one thousand students in my school.

  In the school building, there are a lot of classroom. They’re big and bright. My classroom is on the second floor, and there are teachers’ offices, computer labs, science labs, a Book Bar ,an English Bar and so on.

  I like the Book Bar best. I often read books in it . I have a lot of friends here, too . I’m very happy in the school.

  I like my school very much. Would you like to come and have a look?






  Our campus is a beautiful big garden.

  Entered the school, I can smell a faint scent, walk into, you will see the tall building. In the sun, the trees on both sides of the door looks very spirit, which hits the perks, like prairie sentry.

  Again to go to the playground, also is the most beautiful place in our school. Next class, the students on the playground playing happily, happy game, all the year round is permeated with the class on the playground happy laughter.

  Continue to go forward will see three tall pine trees, they seemed so have spirit. They is the patron saint of the campus, wearing green clothing all the year round, silently for our service, they just like our friends to accompany us grow together happy in the sun.

  Pine is the beauty of the teaching building, in front of the building on the painted layer upon layer of red paint. Paint sparkling under the sun, like a giant jewel. Every time in class, in the teaching building will be coming from the top of lang lang, loud, and very tidy. Worms, do not let the birds and butterflies dont fly, dont shake the branches, as if was intoxicated by the top of the students.

  The walls on both sides of the teaching building is more beautiful. A picture of a beautiful forest, the forest there are many lively and lovely pupil, some holding the bag, some are playing, they must play so happy, because they each persons face, have a sweet smile.

  Beautiful campus, I love you, you make me full of joy, let my childhood more colorful.