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生日派对英语作文 篇1

  Today, I went to Huang Xishan and Zhu Xiaoqian's birthday party.

  Sally to earth up her bakery, we do the cookies first. One, two, three, four, five dollars for a long time to choose a suitable text book eventually finished, our next to a dozen children rushed into the paradise crazy playing with it.

  Let's start and cake. Let's put a bag on the table, a cream, coat put fruit, repave a package, coated with butter, use a toothpick in the above drawing graphics. The final color with cream color on it. A delicate and beautiful cake appeared.

  Finished the cake. Let's go to the nearby have a meal in the hotel.

  "Eat the cake, eat cake." Shouted with adults, they brought into the 焟 candle cake up, we sang the birthday song, the birthday girl made a wish, to share the cake.

  After eating the cake, the next target is blue apple's paradise. We ran up a dozen children, after a while, we finally arrived blue apple's paradise. We went in to play, not only that, children we still stand on the "dolphin" acrobatics!

  Today, a lot of fun. Again, we wish them a happy birthday. We are yearning, respectively.








生日派对英语作文 篇2

  The outside of the hotel "crackle" set off firecrackers, like to greet a mysterious affair, the hotel has a happy birthday song, the song euphemistic, make the whole hall lively.

  Then I went in and the hotel rang a birthday song. Then my classmates, my father, my mother, my sister, all came together, and the students brought birthday presents, mysterious and mysterious appearance, as if they were afraid of being seen by me.

  Now you should know who's celebrating his birthday? By the way, that birthday person is me.

  We ate a big lunch first, then get out mother bought me a cake, the fine packing box is opened, there was a very large, the three layers of fruit cake, cake has a lot of fruit, there are a little monkey is wrapped in cream? The little monkeys must be on behalf of me, because I was born in the year of the monkey, with candles, dad was in no hurry, just ten, lit candles and turned off the lights, everyone sang: happy birthday to you, I silently make a wish.

  "Wow" started to cut the cake, each a just, when cake to each staff, the students are holding a cream to wipe my face, wipe out of my face, and faces up to other people, all in all, after a while, all the person's face turned into white face, cream on clothes, hair all over the place.

  When we go to the toilet wash, the students have to send a gift to me, such a great gift, such as glass, toys, jewelry, mom and dad gave me a three rounds of the stem, bags and watches, cousin cousin also brought music CARDS! I was very happy.

  What a happy birthday party!

生日派对英语作文 篇3

  Every year, when it’s birthday, my parents hold a party for me。 They invite my friend to come to my house to celebrate my birthday。 I can get many beautiful gifts every year。

  In my party, we can do many things:

  1。 Light the candles。

  2。 Sing a “Happy Birthday” song。

  3。 Make a wish。

  4。 Blow out the candles。

  5。 Cut off the cake。

  6。 Eat the cake。

  7。 Open the presents。

  8。 Sing and dance。

  9。 Watch videos or play other games。

  10。 Say goodbye with each other。

  That’s my birthday party, is it interesting?














生日派对英语作文 篇4

  Today is mother's birthday.

  I don't know, as a daughter, how to express feelings for mom.

  Deep, such as the sea, the United States - like poetry.

  Express train is still a long road for more than 20 hours, take me to a totally strange city, without friends, and feeling depressed, just entered school life like those days of the weather, rainy, without sunshine.

  One day, mother's letter comes, the envelope is only a short essay, obviously carefully cut out from the magazine, but there is a small section of the mother heavily with the red pen ring out:

  "Even if the mind and heart are frozen, but listen carefully, beneath the ice still there are a number of acoustic, there is still a lively leap of passion, no matter how narrow the heaven and earth, we may be free open-minded; no matter how colorful the princess, we could narrow mind."

  The sky suddenly enlightened, heart no longer stray, my mother's eyes, in the distance I try to be brave, and brave up gradually.

  When I was reminded of a childhood toddler behind her mother's attention, reminiscent of the 20 years since the school sleepy, I can see in the kitchen busy mother, reminiscent of the parent-teacher meeting chest wear red flower smile happy mother, reminiscent of the gives me infinite patience and tolerance to understand mom, thinking of bring shock, spirit and strength of the mother, think of me in the love all the time closely surrounded by mother...

  I still don't know how to talk to express, I pray that god bless mommy, dial the phone, gently send blessing:

  Mom, happy birthday!











生日派对英语作文 篇5

  全国高考英语满分作文:生日派对邀请 Birthday party invitation



  1. 时间:周五晚8点至9点

  2. 地点:学生俱乐部

  3. 内容:生日歌、蛋糕、游戏等

  4. 要求:备小礼物





  Hi, Susan,

  We’re throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s birthday. I hope you can come and join us if it is convenient to you. The party will take place on Friday evening from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Students’ Club. During the party, we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” to him with the candle on. I am sure Xiaoming will be very happy and moved. After that, we’ll cut the birthday cake prepared for him in advance and share it together. What’s more, we decide to play some games afterwards. By the way, don’t forget to prepare a little gift when you come. I am sure we’ll enjoy ourselves together.


  We are looking forward to your coming.




  Li Hua


生日派对英语作文 篇6

  Tomorrow is my birthday, mom and dad for holding a birthday party. I feel very happy because I open a birthday party for the first time. I also invited my friends to my birthday party.

  The next morning the family division of labor cooperation arrangement home, mother to the food market to buy food. My sister and I together to blow the balloon, dad is responsible for hang the balloon go up.

  Decorated after, my mother began to prepare food for the night, such as: curry chicken, Fried rice, Fried noodles, BBQ, etc. After my father and I went to buy a cake.

  About four o 'clock or so, my friend came. I also received many gifts, I was very happy. After that, we'll play a game together.

  To play the game, everybody together to eat mother cooked food. Everyone eats pure pure pleasure. Then we'll cut the cake together.

  About ten or so friends are coming home. Today is my most happy one day I hope time can again to hold a birthday party.