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  英语作文 篇1

  Love makes the world go around.

  Love to us human is what water to fish.Love shines the most beautiful light of humanity,we born in it,we live by it.Too often we take it as granted,but we should know love is a priceless gift we should cherish.But how to cherish the love?I have heard a saying :the quickest way to receive love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

  It is important for us to learn to love as the first class in our life.Only when you know how to love than you will be a real man in this world.Love brings us warmth in the fearful coldness,love brings us bright when life gets hard and dark.Love brings us confidence toward life when we are tired out and want to give up.

  Love deserves all the admiring words,and love is even beyond the life and death.That is what love is all about in my eyes.

  英语作文 篇2

  The Way of Thinking Between Boys and Girls

  Last night, I saw an interesting movie, it told about a boy and a girl who were at the same age, but the way they thought was so different. The boy was skin-deep, he judged the person by their faces, while the girl could think much further, she found the beauty of life. During their process of growing, finally the boy became mature and started to have the real talk with the girl. I learn that boys and girls indeed think in a very different way, so misunderstanding always happens. It is important to have the communication, so that they can know each other’s thoughts.

  英语作文 篇3

  My New Teacher

  My new teacher is science teacher. He’s very strong. He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose. He often wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two big shoes.

  My science teacher is very kind. And he is very smart, isn’t he? Today, we have science class. We are very happy. Because he is so funny. Who is he? He’s Mr. Zhou .

  英语作文 篇4

  Dear Mrs Brown,We are so glad that youre coming to join us on Saturday. Here is how you can find us. Well have our gathering party in the Central Park. Maybe youve been there,havent you?

  Go straight on when you get out of the school gate and come to the street. Then turn right at the second crossing and youll find a hospital. Just opposite it is a No. 7 bus stop. Take a bus and get off at the fourth stop. Central Park is just in front of it. Well have our gathering party in a boat on the lake. What a funny thing! Do come on time. Well wait for you at the park gate.


  Li Hong





  英语作文 篇5

  Suqian Senior high school entrance examination is coming. Everybody wants to do better in it. So get following things ready. First, It’s very important for us to pay attention to our diet. Second, we should go to bed on time. You’d better not get too tired while revising your lessons. Third, don’t be too nervous. It’s necessary to take some exercise as you like. Also remember to get familiar with the examination environment, such as the toilet, the test room and so on. And above all, be confident of yourself. If you get ready the things that I mention above, your dream will come true. Good luck, everybody!


  英语作文 篇6

  The Road to Grow Up

  Before I was five years old, my parents gave me what I wanted, but as I became bigger, they changed their attitude towards me. My parents no longer satisfy me with all I want. When I want to buy a new dress, my mother won’t buy for me directly, she asks me to do something to exchange for it. Such as doing the housework or making progress in the study. What’s more, when I meet the difficulties, my parents won’t solve them for me immediately, instead, they will leave me to think about them and help me to solve them. What my parents do to me is right, it is my road to grow up.

  英语作文 篇7

  Hello, Good morning, lady and gentleman, How do you do, glod to meet you, Im Zhao Ye, Im Studuing Xi Da Jie primary school of Jiu quan, my topic is: I love English.

  I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

  When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  英语作文 篇8

  In accordance to the definition in Oxford Dictionary, creation refers to the act or process of making something that is new, or of causing something to exist that did not exist before.In fact, today it is impossibly difficult for us to image a 21st century without creation .


  We should place a high value on creationfirstly because creativespirit can enable an individual to ameliorate himself, so he can be equipped with capacity to see what others cannot see, be qualified for future career promotion, and be ready for meeting the forthcoming challenges. Whats more, we ought to attach importance to the role played by creationin economic advancement. Put it another way, in this ever-changing world, creationto economic growth is what water is to fish. To sum up, if creationmisses our attention in any possible way, we will suffer a great loss beyond imagination.


  In order to encourage creation, it is wise for us to take some feasible measures. For example, mass media should greatly publicize the significance of creativity and encourage the public to cultivate awareness of creation. Besides, those who manage to create should be awarded generous prize. Though there is a long way ahead to go, I am firmly certain that the shared efforts will be paid off.


  英语作文 篇9

  Last weekend our school had a school camping activities.

  I joined in the activities with my close classmate whos name is Tom. We arrived the destination at 10:00 A.M.

  The leader told us " Now you can find a place where you want and put your stuffs on the ground. " Tom and I collected the leaves of maple and spruce there are many different colors and are beautiful.

  We saw the other students were watching the ants that are moving the food the ants are line up walking like army troop its very funny.





  英语作文 篇10

  Last summer, I went to Dalian for my holiday. This year I plan to spend my summer holiday on sports. If you ask me what my favorite summer holiday will be like, traveling around the world is the only answer. I like traveling so much that I often meet different people and visit different places of interest in my dream. I wish I could have two summer holidays in a year.


  温州度假 Wenzhou holiday

  Dear Nancy, Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear that you are going to travel to Wenzhou. Now I’d like to tell you something about Wenzhou. Wenzhou is in eastern China, and it is a beautiful city where the people are really friendly. There are many famous sights here, such as Yandang Mountains and Nanji Island. You could take a bus, train or plane here. It’s not very cold in winter and not very hot in summer, but I think it’s best to visit here in spring and autumn, because you can only pack light clothes. It’s near the ocean, so you can enjoy the delicious seafood. Also, I’d like to be your tour guide. I hope you’ll have a good time in Wenzhou!


  英语作文 篇11

  Grandpa always like in the afternoon breeze, sunlight, walking through the window on the carpet, put a gentle quiet, with rural atmosphere of music, a cup of heady mist of longjing tea, comfortably lying on an old palace chair, in a room full of tea, lit up a cigarette, then, blow out easily with the mouth one loop, the spread of watching them freely...

  However, although grandpa likes smoking very much, it is harmful after all. Grandpa grandma dont support smoking, but never forced grandfather smoking, always patient and some excerpts from books and magazines about smoking is harmful to ones health in the paragraph, then the nightstand. And grandpa always dont care, will the pages with a double, is back on the bed, grandma is helpless smile, the second day, and have a new a stack of books on the bed.

  To be honest, I hate people for smoking because their smoke is so pungent. I cant imagine grandfather smoking a few years be: because smoking and into black or dark yellow teeth, sickness because of smoking, because smoking its healthy lung smoke escapes into black, but I dont like the suffocating odor.

  I have advised my grandfather to give up smoking several times, but my grandfather is always on smiling without a word and cant hear a word. My father tried to persuade him, but it didnt work. Smoke several times, I was secretly to grandpas hidden in a corner, watch my grandpa face tense rummaged through all the pockets but I could not bear, put cigarettes in a prominent place, looking at grandpa found cigarettes the expression of the heart.

  Uncle is not in favor of grandpa so fanatical smoking, because he is a bad illness after smoking after a vindication, uncle hate cigarettes made him sick, he deeply understand the smoke is murderous .com fiend, he always said to grandpa, sobbed once in a while, I cant tube. But you smoke so much every day, other people cigarette smoke box to also label "smoking is harmful to health"! Well, I wouldnt advise you... Grandpa began some shaken, how many times, just picked up a cigarette and put down, eyes reveal how much hesitation, several times, when lit cigarette lighter, grandpa will be lighter down... I can understand the feeling of smoking.

  Mom and dad to let grandpa to quit smoking, each time you visit grandpa always bring a parcel from the supermarket to buy snacks, is for grandpa to smoke when eating; Uncle somehow from the factory for a couple of small plastic stick, said to give up smoking to quit addiction "" the hand, in many peoples efforts, grandpa expectations, gave the smoke all to the colleague, threw the cigarette lighter on one side, it seems that he is really made up his mind to.

  Now, every day in the afternoon, grandpa still lying in a plush chair, drink a mouthful of strong tea, just missing a cigarette in her hand, the less at the top of the loop of one by one.

  英语作文 篇12

  Mid-autumn Festival Plan

  Tomorrow is Mid-autumn festival, since I don’t have go to school, so I want to take a break and have fun. Mid-autumn festival is a big day, in the tradition, the families will get together and have a big dinner. For me, I have made some plans. In the morning, I will go shopping with my sister, we will buy some delicious food, so as to prepare for the dinner. In the evening, after finishing the supper, I want to play some games with my family, since it is the precious moment for us get together, we must enjoy the moment. At last, we will watch the TV show, what a wonder night.

  英语作文 篇13

  The Alley I like to go to see many different places, though the city I live in is big, I always can find the new small places, which surprises me all the time. The alley is the place I desire to hang around most. There, I can find many funny things, such as the clothes with different styles, the playthings that I have never seen before. Every time I go to the alley, I will be very excited for the things that are waiting for me to discover. Once I found special a stone that looked like a dinasour, I was attracted by it and bought it home. Now I have many collections in my bedroom.

  英语作文 篇14

  There is an old saying: where there is a will, there is a way. It tells us that a strong will is the most essential quality that anyone who wants to achieve success. It can contribute a lot to one’s success.

  Although “All roads lead to Rome”, none of them is completely smooth. Our life is filled with obstacles which may make us feel so hopeless that we may choose to give up. At the crucial moment, strong will helps a lot. As a matter of fact, the ability to work through difficult situation and unfortunate events with strong will can make one stronger and more capable. In other words, if we want to realize life’s goal, we must keep forging ahead with strong consciousness.

  From what has been discussed above, we can see that the establishment of tough determination is of great importance to everyone. With a strong will, including our knowledge, we will be able to deal with any situation in our life. Whatever we do, as long as we stick to and do not give up easily, we will realize the goal at last.

  英语作文 篇15

  Xiao Ming had a dream last night. In the dream, he volunteered to serve the Beijing Olympics.He tried his best to help the foreign friends from different countries. When he found a foreign friend worried in the street, he went up to him and asked him what was the matter. The foreigner told Xiao Ming he was Jack, and he forgot the way to the Sun Hotel. Then Xiao Ming stopped a taxi and took him to the Sun Hotel. Xiao Ming talked with Jack on the way and made Jack know more about Beijing. Jack thanked Xiao Ming very much and thought Xiao Ming’s English was very good. Xiao Ming was very happy.He smiled and smiled, then he woke up.

  英语作文 篇16

  My university life is better than expected,It is universally acknowledged that when a freshman walk into a big, fascinating but complicated campus, what impresses him most will be the atmosphere of freedom and the "abuse", which will teach you a lesson before you really adapt to the life of university. After years of frustration with heavy homework and education which mostly gives us skill of exam more than knowledge itself, I sat down and imagined how my college life would be this summer vacation. In my opinion, compared with universities in HK, universities here is less active , full of awkward political education, and provide too much leisure time in which laziness is born. In a word, it will be boring, if it fits my idea. However, life tends to be more and more different from expected, as I feel myself absorbed into the campus little by little. Every day when I pass by the door of dormitory I notice tens of posts that contains information of activities of miscellaneous groups or interesting lectures which widen our horizon, just like the lively and colorful world below the calm surface of the Pacific Ocean. When it comes to my major, mathematics, I am very willing to devote much time to having lessons, doing proper homework, going to libraries to check more details other than textbooks or debating problems through MSN with other friends who share the same interest.

  英语作文 篇17

  flower of our motherlandchildren are regarded as “flower of our motherland”. in our country children are taken very good care of. special laws have been issued(发布) to protect them. thousands of schools have been set up to make education available(可利用的) to all children. the party and the government pay special attention to the growth of children because they represent(描绘, 象征) our bright future.nowadays, the “one-child per family” policy has been practiced(实施) all over the country.

  so far the policy has been showing positive effective. it controls population growth, reduces the economic burden on family, and gives parents more time and energy to look after their children. as a result, children become healthier in every aspect(方面).however, the policy also has some side effects. for example, a number of parents have gone too far in raising their children. they try to satisfy every demand of their spoiled(被宠坏的) kids, thus turning them into “flower in the nursery(苗圃)” that cannot bear any hardship or difficulty.it’s time for us to discuss and study the problem of educating the only child.

  英语作文 篇18

  Our government is aiming to build an "economized society". I think it is every citizens duty to work hard to achieve this goal.

  To build an economized society, we must keep the following points in our minds. Firstly,

  make sure that the lights and the electric fans are turned off when there is no one in the room. Set the room temperature at above 26℃. Remember to turn off the computer when you are not using it. Secondly, try to form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used. Use basins when washing faces or vegetables. Thus the water can be used again to clean toilets or water flowers. Thirdly, it will be good enough to use a basket instead of plastic bags when you go to the market. As we know, a basket can be used many more times.

  In a word, we should try our best to build an economized society.

  英语作文 篇19

  My favourite season

  Class Four Grade Five Tian Peiyan

  I like four seasons !

  Look at the green trees and pink flowers . It`s spring. I like it. Because I can go on a picnic and there are beautiful flowers everywhere.

  The weather is very hot. hot. hot ! It`s summer. I like it. Because I can go swimming and eat ice cream.

  What lovely colours! The leaves fall and fall and fall. It`s fall . I like it. Because I can pick pears and I want to draw pictures , too. There is lots of snow. It`s white everywhere. It`s winter. Because I can play in the snow, make a snowman and I like winter vacation. 翻译: 我最喜爱的季节





  英语作文 篇20

  As everyone knows, stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. As the pace of modern life continues to increase, we are always feeling on the go from morning till night. And it is hard to slow down. It seems to us that everyone around us is aggressive. Therefore, whatever one does, he feels under stress all the time. It is clear that stress has much to do with the life in a competitive society. Different people, however, think of stress quite differently. Some believe that stress is not the bad thing it is often supposed to be. They are of the opinion that a certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and to give purpose to life. Others argue that stress contributes to one’s mental decline and hence endangers his health. According to them, relaxation, the opposite of stress, is essential for a healthy mind and body. Personally, I’m in favor of the former view. I think it is impossible to avoid stress when one is entirely devoted to the career he pursues. In my opinion, it is only when the stress gets out of scords. Libary is a good place for students to study in. If you want to show your talents and skills you can join in all kinds of activities.

  In a word,college life is wonderful!

  英语作文 篇21

  Football is the world’s most popylar sport. We play football at the playground. We also have fun when we play football. We also call it soccer.

  Our students must do exercises everyday to stay healthy, and I’ve found that play football is a very good way to stay healthy. Football players must be rugged. It’s one of the most popular sports all over the world. We can run on the ground for a long time and we also can prove our friendship with the members of our team.

  More and more people like watching football matches. They can’t sleep or eat when their teams are playing. They shout for their players. I think many Chinese football players have done better match after match. But we will have a long way to go to Asia and to the world. We should learn from foreign teams. Foreign players and coaches must be invited. Dalian Wanda, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangdong Apollo are among the best teams.

  I love playing football, because I can play football to stay healthy, football is a good sport.