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学好英语作文 篇1

  English is important and useful to us、 How can we learn it well? Here are my suggestions。

  First, we should often listen to the tapes, English songs and programs、 Watching English movies is also helpful to us、 Second, we should speak English in class as much as possible、 Don’t be afraid of making mistakes、 The more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make、 We'd better join the English club and practice with others、 Third, we can read more English newspapers and magazines、 It’s good for us、 At last, we should recite some good passages and keep diaries。

  In a word, as long as we do more listening, speaking, reading and writing, we will learn English well。




学好英语作文 篇2

  English is important and useful to us.How can we learn it well?Here is some advice.

  I think listening can help,so you can listen to english songs on the readio and repeat the difficult words.If you usually forget a lot of the new words.You can slways write the new words in your notebook.And you can ever study on the subway on the subway or bus on the way to school or home .If you can't understand what people are saying.You can join an english language club to practice speaking English.I thing English can help you.

  Last,i hope you can learn English be better.

学好英语作文 篇3

  我们知道,学习英语要从听、说、读、写四方面来掌握,大家可根据这四个要点为提纲,加入个人学习体会,分段写作,字数在80-100字左右。大家应该要注意字数的要求,根据字数来合理安排文章写作,预备级的作文不需要写得长篇大论,拖沓冗长,简洁明了即可,还要注意要表达清晰,说得有理,以及语法结构。前面的作文里,有的学员不注意标点符号的用法,该逗号时全使用句号,大小写不分,在英语表达里会变得意思模糊不清,这在考试作文里是要扣分的,希望大家养成良好的书写习惯。下面给大家分享一篇英语范文》”how to learn english”。

  ”how to learn english”


  there are four key points to study english: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  firstly, we should be brave to talk with others in english. by doing this, we can improve our oral and listening skill. it is also a good way to learn how to use the words.


  secondly, we should try to listen to all kinds of english programmes as much as possible. inhis way, we can gradually improve our pronunciation.


  thirdly, we should often read english books. when we come across a new word, we should guess its meaning through the context first. then look it up in the dictionary. i think, it is a good way of reading. and you will find it easy to remember english words.


  fourthly, we should practice our writing skills. whenever we have any ideas, we should get the pen and write it down in english at once. another way is writing diary everyday. it is very important to avoid writing in chinese way and using the chinese grammar.


  as long as we listen more, speak more, read more and write more, we are sure to make remarkable progress.


学好英语作文 篇4

  The students in China start to learn English when they are in primary school. In many provinces, English are taught as second language. Some people may ask why we need to learn English, what we do that for? Well, in my humble opinion, I think we need English for various reasons.


  First of all, English is indispensable if we want to enter the university. English teaching in some schools are quite important. Some teachers even use English instead of Chinese to teach their students. Secondly, most of students will need English to read English books or novels. While a few of them will go abroad to study, then English will become a tool to communicate with foreigners. Last but not least, as this world gets smaller, English has become more useful than ever. There are a lot of songs singing in English, if we know how to speak English, we can know about the the lyrics all about. What’s more, sometimes we need to say English to communicate with others. Through English, we know about what happen all around the world.


  To sum up, learning English is very useful as well as important in our life. To master another language is better than learning nothing at all.


学好英语作文 篇5

  How to Learn English Well

  English is one of the most important subjects in middle school.

  Almost everyone knows that we should learn English well, but few of us know how to learn it well. Karl Marx has set a good example for us. He once said, "When one is learning a foreign language, he must use the foreign language." In this way, he could use several languages. A saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." When we learn English, we should read more, speak more, listen to English from time to time and practise writing every day. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Only in this way can we learn it well.




学好英语作文 篇6

  many chinese students who have learned english for more than ten years are still unable to speak english fluently when they meet a foreigner. they seem to have mastered the basic language structure, but a conversation in english will make them feel uneasy. they are afraid that other people might find out their mistakes.

  it is not uncommon that many students, who are bad speakers of english, can write english perfectly. this proves that they are not able to organize their ideas in english. the center of the problem is that they lack practice and confidence.

  why should you be afraid? do you fear those foreigners with whom you are speaking? dont be shy, they will not laugh at you just for a small mistake you have made. the best way to get rid of this trouble is to learn to speak by speaking more. i am sure that constant practice will help you to succeed.