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梦想的英语作文 篇1

  Mike is a sixteen-year-old boy. He loves his father very much. But his father is so busy that he seldom goes back home.He has only 3 days off a month. Mike has no chance to talk with his father.

  With the growth in age, Mike is eager to talk with his father.He often dreams of talking with his father together. How happy he is if he could stay with his father!



  Mike, a boy of sixteen, says he misses his father. But his father is too busy to talk with him. He goes to work early in the morning and gets home late in the evening. Mike has no chance to talk with him.

  Mike is eager to talk with him. He feels unhappy and hopes his father will come back home to be together with the family.How eager Mike is to stay with his father!



梦想的英语作文 篇2

  My dream home at least has 12 rooms,and it has three floors. at the ground floor there are a bathroom ,three badrooms, a kitchen and a sitting room. on the first floor there is three bedroom and three bath.on the top floor there are four showers . I want all my friends can have a bath at the moment . my dream home has a big and beautiful garden .my mother can grows flowers and grows vegetables there.I have a swimming pool. it has at least 10 metres long .

  my dream home is very beautiful . do you think so?

梦想的英语作文 篇3

  Everyone has his dream. Some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. My dream is to become a doctor.


  My friends asked me why. I told them my story. When I was a small boy, I was very weak. Once I was terribly ill. I had a high fever. My parents sent me to the hospital but the doctors could do nothing for me. Then my parents heard there was a very good doctor in another town. They took me there at once. I was saved.


  A good doctor can save people's lives. From then on I decided to become a doctor. I know it is not easy to be a doctor.But I am determined to study hard. I am sure my dream will come true.


梦想的英语作文 篇4

  Dream is like a star in the sky,it shows the direction in the night.

  every one of us has dreams,but how to make our dream come true?I think there are 3 ways to make our dreams come true.

  first,never give up your dream.you should always do the things which will help you to make your dream come true.

  second,keeping reading books every day.Books help us to know what we did is right and what wrong.

  finally,be confident.every one should be confident in daily life,especially when faced with difficulties.

  Dream ,the most beautiful word in the world.let work hard to achieve our dreams from now.








梦想的英语作文 篇5

  Everyone dreams about the future. I also have a dream about my life in 20 years. I will live in Shanghai with my family because we like it very much. It will be more beautiful. I will teach in a middle school. I will be a good English teacher. I will love my students, and my students will love me, too. We will be good friends. I will do sports with my students every day. Swimming and running will be my favorite sports. I will be healthy and strong. There will be more robots everywhere. They will help us do many things. I believe we will have more time to study and play. This is my future dream. What do you think of it?



梦想的英语作文 篇6

  My ideal work has many, for instance doctor, police, boss, entrepreneur, scientist .But I most like working as boss. When boss has many advantage for example: May make money, buy the house, to buy the car, to be filial piety the parents, to make the contribution, the gang disaster area person for the Project Hope to do decides the life the expense .......I thought that I certainly will work as boss in the future. What but I most am now main is

梦想的英语作文 篇7

  Everyone should go to school, of course, each person has their own ideal school. The ideal school does, indeed, than it is now for one hundred times.

  Is my ideal school has a air conditioner in every classroom. In this way, students can study in a comfortable environment. The students will also develop the interest of reading.

  Next, the school prepare a laptop to the students. So, every student have their own laptops, not with the students of class and don't share. Moreover, schools don't have to set up the computer room, directly on computers in the classroom.

  In addition, the school has two shades of the swimming pool. "Swimming pool for advanced learning swimming, shallow to lower grades. The school can also hold swimming test every three months. So students can the drowning man, when he fell into the water can save his life.

  Finally, set up the indoor basketball courts, badminton and table tennis games. Then, the volleyball court and football field set to outdoor. Physical education, students can respectively to want to go to the stadium.

  This is my ideal school. Hope I can study in this school.







梦想的英语作文 篇8

  The evaluation criteria of a dream school,just a good school,is the contribution level of educating talents.In my opinon,the cause of high-quality education level includes the following.

  In the first place,concerning the material,I don't think that modern high-rise buildings is essential for a good school.the plain and cultural building may be more conducive to teaching.But good green environment and the clean face is essential.

  In the secend place,at the institutional level,the school must have an efficient management system,education system.The system is like the skeleton of human body,plays an important role in supporting the whole.

  In the third place,in the spiritual level,the school need to have advanced,clear school mission,which is the the guiding ideology of education and teaching activities in the school.

  Finally,education is to cultivate talented person,completed by the teacher specificly.The school must have high-level teachers.The so-called high-level includes solid professional knowledge,excellent teaching ability,good morals,and so on.

  Above all,this is my dream school.







梦想的英语作文 篇9



  a) 请谈谈你是如何理解梦想在人生当中所起的作用的。

  b) 列举一个正面或负面的实例支持你的`观点,可以是你自己的亲身经历也可以是他人的例子。

  By presenting examples of successful people whose dreams contributed greatly to their success, this passage emphasizes the importance of dreams and advocates that people should have dreams and never give them up。

  Nobody will deny that dreams play a very important part in one’s life。 I think dreams influence people in the following ways。 Firstly, having dreams means intense concentration on specific goals, which undoubtedly increases the possibility of success。 Besides, dreams can serve as great motivations, pushing the dreamers to go ahead with courage and overcome difficulties with effort。 Lastly, those who have dreams are more likely to be self—disciplined and well—organized, which are necessary qualities for ambitious people。

  I have witnessed how much dreams have meant to my father’s life。 Country born and country bred, he dreamed of becoming an architect as a kid。 For many years, he spared no effort to approach his dream by working extremely hard at his lessons and reading books related to architecture。 As was expected, he was finally admitted to his ideal university and majored in architecture。 Now he is an authority in architecture and is well—known at home and abroad。

  To be brief, no matter who you are and what you are doing, you should have your dreams and hold on to them because they give you chances to taste success。

梦想的英语作文 篇10

  Everyone may have his own dream. Someone may want to be rich, someone may want to be beautiful, and someone may waant to have power. But I’m different from them. My dream is special. I want to have a pair of wings. Because I want to fly in the sky,I like the feeling of freedom.

  If I have a pair of wings,I’m sure it will be very wonderful. I can fly below the blue sky with the birds. I can enjoy the music of birds’. I can fly across the cloud and the small wind will blow past my face. The feeling must be the same as that my mother caresses me.

  I can fly over the sea, below the rainbow, through the forest I can see all the wonderful view. But I know that it will never be uteri have another instead. I want to have a fly of my own. The plane must be very small and light. It has to carry only one person. It can fly by wind or sunshine. It can fly for a very long time. And the important thing is that it must be very save.

  I’m sure I can have this plane some day. And I can have fly to everywhere I want.