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  Today after breakfast, I#39;ll sit idly in the desk, began writing assignments, write for a while, don#39;t want to write, I will go to find a favorite book to read.

  Read me not only happy, but one hundred times spirit, don#39;t like doing his homework when lethargy. The advantages of reading more than only a few, I also gain a lot "baby"! - just read a story, let me know a secret: life if people force you, want to know a secret that you don#39;t want to let others know, we can use our wisdom to get rid of him; On the other hand, we can even through the rhetoric you want to ask the secret of others (and, of course, we still don#39;t go to peep at other people#39;s secret is better). After I read a story, I find myself in times a good mood, so I started to finish her homework.

  Wrote another half an hour, on the side of a book is like a magnet attracted me. At this moment, my heart is very contradictory, I want to in their own heart to happily reading a book; And want to hurry up and finish the homework well. So, I seriously think: "I read the book for a while! Soon so I can harvest to a lot of knowledge, gain the knowledge I can better finish your homework. Ha! Ha! Just do it."

  Happy to read the book for a moment, I#39;ll take the time to finish all your homework, I began to read.






  Father often say much read, there will be a lot of benefits, even the teacher said that reading a lot of good, also is the so-called reading enriches the mind. Read but I don#39;t know what is good, what#39;s the role in life.

  But soon changed my opinion.

  Have a school extra-curricular knowledge competition. There is a problem is this: why koalas were full of incense? Born with three options: A, B live in fragrance, C it ate A kind of fragrant leaves, fragrant after A long time. The problem is where I met, oh, remember, is a scientific paper read the day before yesterday. Inside, say their love to eat eucalyptus leaves, the leaves has a composition, eat many sweet after a long time. I chose C. A few days later, the examination paper handed out a look, indeed as expected is C. There are a lot of questions, I have seen, it#39;s to do for them.

  Another time, on the composition. The teacher asked us to write about gakumon. I will reference some quotes, classical poetry. Many people didn#39;t think of, but I thought of. Composition comment on when the teacher read the article to you, let everybody to learn, also praise I love reading. These are all I read more at ordinary times more accumulation effect.

  I finally understand, reading can make us more extracurricular knowledge, write good articles. Of course the most important thing is reading make life more wonderful. So a lot of good reading.







  If a book is the sky, I was the birds fly freely in the sky; If a book is the sea, I will be the swimming fish; If the book is the forest, I is the forest the jubilant fawn; If the book garden, then I will be the dancing butterfly. Is ah, gorky said: the book said that the ladder of human progress. The status of books in people#39;s minds.

  The classmates, don#39;t your parents let you read, think to learn major courses is the most important? The benefits of reading: not only can improve the ability of project, it is a great way of reading comprehension.

  Remember once, the teacher arranged a composition, only a minority of the whole class classmate "optimal" I one of its top, one might ask: how do you only into their "team"? What is the "secret weapon"? Let me tell you: "secret weapon" that book! Reading is not enough light to read a few times, read read through the book, and those who make you feel good good words we accumulation. I also specially prepared a unaccustomed strain. You look! The "king" composition is leisurely leisurely reading! Accumulation of his words have a Big Ben, think of is dazzling, how could he not write good, good composition?

  I often read books, the romance of The Three Kingdoms, "journey to the west", "the Wolf dream king", "red ribbon lion king" is favored by me, such as read book is ever new, one of the "the black swan amethyst" I have read a dozen times.

  Books are necessary in my life, also is the most gorgeous rainbow in my life, because it brings the colorful life.







  People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world.But

  I dont think so. In my opinion, to read books is more valuable than anything else.

  The old saying “To open a book is always helpful” clearly tells us how good it is to read a book.

  Books are our friends. They introduce us different kinds of knowledge. They lead us down the road to success.

  Books are our teachers. They teach us troth, science, literature, and philosophy of life. Besides, they increase our knowledge, enlarge our experience,strengthen our character and do many other things which we can not do without them.

  Books tell us what is good and what is evil. And only books can tell the good from the bad.

  Therefore to read more books is the best policy for our young students.


  I enjoy reading books very much, because there are lots of interesting things in them. Two years ago, I didnt like reading very much. I had plenty of time, but I spent lots of time on playing with computers. When I was very young, I didnt think reading book was interesting, because I found nothing more interesting than the computer games. Ive changed now. I enjoy reading novels, because therere lots of interesting stories. I love to read Harry Potter. Thats a good novel. I know that it is one of the best-sellers in England. Im always lose myself in the interesting stories. From joozone.com. I hate the words like "to be continued" in a novel. That makes me very sad, because I dont know the end of the story. I also hate the words like "the end", because I want to read more. Some of my friends think that Im strange. Maybe you can find the interesting things in a book, so dont waste your time in the computers any more. If you read very much, you will get lots of knowledge.

  我喜欢读书,因为书中有许多乐趣。两年前,我并不喜欢阅读。我有许多空闲的时间,但是我把大量的时间都花费在了电脑上。当我年轻的时候,我不认为阅读是有趣的,因为我觉得没有什么比电脑游戏,还能使我感兴趣。现在我已经变了。我喜欢读小说,因为其中有许多有趣的故事。我喜欢读哈利波特,那是一部很好的小说,我也知道在英国,那是一本畅销书。 我总是沉浸其中。我讨厌在小说中出现“未完待续”这种字样。那会使我很难受,因为我不知道故事的结尾。我也讨厌看到“完结”这种字样,因为我想接着读。我的一些朋友,因此认为我很怪。也许,在书中,你也可以发现乐趣,因此不要再把你的时间,浪费在电脑游戏上了。 假如,你广泛地阅读,你会获得很多知识的。


  I think reading is important in the whole life for people. There are many benefits of reading.

  Firstly, reading increases our knowledge and we can learn the world affairs without going out. Secondly, reading is a good way to improve reading and writing skills. Before you learn to write, you must know how others write. Thirdly, reading can broaden our knowledge and horizon, which is important to job hunting in the future.

  Finally, reading helps us become self-cultivation that would be beneficial to our whole life. Therefore, start to reading, no matter how old you are and what you are doing. Then, you may find the great charm and benefits of reading.


  When I m free or in trouble, I always take out a book and read quietly. In no time, I ve put my heart into it so that I ll forget all the troubles. It s in this way that I ve formed the habit of reading in any time.

  Little boys as I was, I was interest in picture books and storybooks.

  I was struck by them. No sooner had I entered the middle school than I began to read novel, plays, and essays and so on.

  I found I could get much from them. Little by little I took great interest in literature and last term I won the first prize in the composition contest among middle-school students in Zhe Jiang.

  Reading The Emperor s New Clothes , I had to let out a burst of laughter over his fool. The Little Match Girl couldn t keep me from crying for her misery.

  Robinson Crusoe took me into a strange world full of danger. And I was also deeply impressed by Helen Keller s patience and perseverance Besides these, books also tell me other thing -how to be a man and how to tell the difference between right and wrong. In a word, good books can make me know what I didn t before. So I think of a good book as my best friend.

  I ll never forget this famous saying, Good books are best friends who never turn their backs upon us.


  We all known that reading should focus on method, but what methods are good for reading? Firstly, the difficulty of the book you read should be moderate.

  Too difficult or too easy are not so good. If you find a book is too difficult to read, just put it aside and find an easier one instead.

  Secondly, read the books that are beneficial for you, which can help you in your career as well as in life.

  Thirdly, for those simple books or those without deep meanings, you can scan over them, but for those meaningful and beneficial, you should read them intensively and remember to take notes.

  Finally, dont be shy to ask questions, because anyone could be your teacher. These approaches are general ones and each of you should have your own reading methods that make your reading fruitful.


  The great writer gorky once said: "books are the ladder of human progress." "He spoke such a truth: actually the human to hard climbing, climbing a ladder of books. The books are made of ladder above, is a resplendent and magnificent palace of knowledge, therefore, we must try to climb, to learn from.

  Human knowledge to create wealth, as the vast ocean, extensive and profound. People often think of elementary school, middle school and university studies described as the "everybody" on climbing, in the "university" swim in. So, we should read more books and books to purify the mind, in the book knowledge to enrich themselves. In our life, if always too passively reading, tend to be less than the pleasure of reading. With a scholarly paper, open a little tenderness, and then quietly looked at the text as time moves slip from your eyes... At this time, you will feel that reading is a matter of how to make people happy! Reading is a kind of mood, the elegant comfortable is the best psychological reagent. Go to the reading, you will have more found.

  Read more books, read good books. Due to a selective reading of the book of knowledge also should have choice to adopt, is the so-called take its essence


  On the weekend I like to spend time in library. I like reading books. There are many people in the library, but it is very quiet. Nobody talks in the room, only the sound of page turning. I’m very interested in the space, so I read a lot of books about space. Recently, I read the book Martian. It is about an astronaut Mark left on the Mars alone, he did many things to keep himself alive. After 549 solar days his crew mates came back to take him home. Mark is very tough to survive in Mars, he is a big hero. In the library I can read so many story and see the bigger world. I like library.



  Speaking of reading, many people are excited because reading brings them both knowledge and entertainment. By reading, we can learn lots of information and know our history. But for some people, reading is not their priority. They will choose to watch movies to have fun. However, I think people can benefit a lot by reading.


  First of all, reading can let us know what have happened in history. Since history is recorded in books, if we read books, then we can not only what have happened in history but also we can better understand the great figures of the age.


  Secondly, reading can enrich our knowledge. By reading, we can know different kinds of things, how things happen and how to avoid bad things from happening. Books record a wide range of things about life. Through reading, we can know various aspects of life.


  Thirdly, reading teaches us skills. There are so many books about how to learn a certain language, how to get a good job, how to become popular in your circle, how to cook and so on. Thus, these kinds of books can make us more skillful if we do a certain thing.


  All in all, we can find lots of benefits through reading.



  When we are little children,parents begin to teach us to read books.Since then,books begin walking into our lives.Maybe in long time some children don"t like reading.But I have to say that reading for me now become a habit,just for pleasure.

  A long time after graduating from college,I even don"t spend little time in reading.Because I seem to have different reasons for not reading,busy life make me not breath.If I get a day off,I rather sleep rather than read a book.Gradually big city life make me become more fidget,I don"t have good mood to face those things.Finally I start to find books to change my situation.I go to library or book store every week to find those books interested me.Things change,I calm down and get more peaceful than ever.I feel happy,reading for pleasure is a good way.Joozone_Com

  Besides,let me talk those books I like to read.Jimmy"s illustration is my favorite.Then now I like to read those psychology books from which I could get some better way to relax myself.Let reading become a habit!


  As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books.

  Reading is a good thing, but we must pay great attention to the choice of books. It is true that we can derive benefits from good books. However, bad books will do us more harm than good.





  There is no book in life, just like without the sun, wisdom without books is like a bird without wings, and a fish without water. A good book is just like making a good friend from the books, I grew up with, tell me many truth.

  When I was still in the womb, mom and dad gave me a story; when I havent opened my eyes, my mom and dad also told stories to me; when I opened my eyes, my mother had given me a book; I was born, my mother taught me to read the newspaper baby pictures; I learned to walk when my mother gave me a new puzzle jhenuk mother read to me every night; Andersen Green fairy tales, fairy tales, sometimes my mother tired with the tape recorder good story, when the kindergarten, I have been reading his mother gave my subscription to the child pictorial, puzzle maze, child puzzle pictorial, small the story of cat and mouse, gourd, mother every night and told me stories of celebrities. On the one or two grade, I see the book in addition to their love, the teacher told us a few weeks each festival this time, the third grade we started reading classic novels, there is a mother while I was reading, and asked me to dinner, I could have not heard, have captured the hearts of books.

  I especially love reading Ma small jump, mainland, stealing star September day, a decline, such as father and son, detective Conan of the book now, also read Chinese and foreign classic masterpiece, the romance of the Three Kingdoms, water margin, journey to the west, how to make steel many childhood books, every time to write, recently also wrote several articles reading books, published in my blog, learned a lot of knowledge, strengthen the writing, I love reading books very much.


  As the saying goes, books are the ladder of human progress, reading with me grow up, I grew up can not do without books, books accompany me from small to large. The book and I became good brothers and sisters, read a good book, just like making a good friend, from small to large, I have made many good friends. Reading grows with me.

  When the kindergarten in the evening, I let my mother read some story books to me often, mom always have the patience to read a book book book, I used to love to see "Andersen fairy tale", "the ugly duckling", "the daughter of the sea" and so on. When mom read tired, please help the recorder, when talking about the daughter of the sea into foam, I always feel a little pity, talked about the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, I am happy for it.

  After I went to primary school, I am six years old, you can finally poker-faced reading, then when the mother to think when I read, I always say: "Mom, do not bother to read me, I can read. "

  In the course of primary school, I love reading class and the class, because it is my growth in many knowledge, make a lot of friends in the classroom. Mr. Zhao often reads picture books to us, the more famous are "the library mouse", "the lost corner" and so on.

  With the growth of age, I read faster and faster, the content is more colorful, read newspapers, magazines, novels. I often hundreds of pages of the book, the two day finished, my father said I read to me read hastily and without thinking, writing help, when not busy, I will write blog, published an article. Reading has brought me a lot of happiness, enriched my extracurricular life, expanded my knowledge range.


  Book is a part of my life, give me endless fun, but also gave me a lot of "nutrition", books, like sunshine, like rain, moisten my little tree grow stronger and stronger!

  When I was 7 years old, I was just a freshman. One night, mom came back with a big box and opened it. It was a box of books. My mother said to me, "now you are a primary school student. You must begin to learn to read by yourself. You cant always depend on your mother." After listening to my mother and having dinner, I thought to myself, "what books did mom buy?" Is it fun to read by yourself? Driven by curiosity, after dinner, I couldnt wait to rush to the book my mother bought, and chose a simple version of the journey to the west. I read a book, studied my mothers usual reading style, looked at the catalogue first, and then opened the text. After reading, I saw my good friend Pinyin in the paper. With the help of this good friend, I was not so hard to read. I didnt know the word. It was easy enough to help me to answer.

  In grade two, my mother bought me some books with no spelling to make me know more words. Without Pinyin, I was half as efficient as I used to be. After her mother know, taught me the dictionary, can use the radical search words, since then, they do not know the words, I would go to ask the teacher a good dictionary.

  In grade three, I know all the basic words. I can read some foreign classics and no longer need Pinyin dictionaries to help me read. But at the same time, I have a new friend, the dictionary, who can teach me the meaning of words. By now, we have become inseparable friends.

  As the saying goes, "the scholar does not go out and knows everything about the world."." Reading broadens our knowledge. Reading narrows our ignorance. Lets pick up books and read together!


  As is well known,books teach us to learn life,truth,science and many other useful things.

  They increase our knowledge,broaden our minds and strengthen our character.In other words,they are our good teachers and wise friends.

  This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books.

  Reading is a good thing,but we must pay great attention to the choice of books.

  It is true that we can derive benefits from good books.

  However,bad books will do us more harm than good.


  The Reading Festival is May flower fragrance of the season, May is the Huai Xiang children of the season, May is also our new century primary school of the reading section, the book is a good friend of human, the book let me from a child into absolutely ignorant of now know many knowledge and truth of the pupils. I have read many extra-curricular books from childhood to the present, a "Yang Hongying fairy tale"? "The first grade small melon"? And ultimately Sun Youjuns grandfather got up "and" pig grunt adventures "small cloth etc..

  Sob snoring is a pig famous Chinese childrens literature history, it is not a ordinary pig, you dont see it, it has undergone many things. For example, the little pig asked his mother to celebrate her birthday. She wanted to earn some money for her mother to buy her birthday gift on her own efforts. Unfortunately, the foxs shopkeeper didnt speak well, and clearly said that he had given him a big cake and turned into a big egg.

  Also, sob snoring was the wolf away, it thought it was in the play on the swing, the wolf wanted to sob in three snoring his stomach, then got up snoring without fear, but with their own wisdom, the wolf away, cleverly escaped the wolf the palm of the hand. Later sob snore do not remember hatred, three children risked his life to save the wolf, the wolf was snoring to sob the doings touched, never do bad things, and finally as a teacher in the countryside. From this story, I understand that we would like to sob the snoring learning, to be a filial helpful child?.


  读书的价值 The Value of Reading Books

  What is the purpose of study, most students will tell you that they want to find their own value and survive in the society. Reading books will also help people gain knowledge and fulfill their value, but in my opinion, the value of reading books not only contains what has mentioned above, but also contains the happiness from the mind. When people read the good books, they will be immerged into the books and find themselves being part of the story. They can gain a lot from the books, learning how to face the problems or what kind of person they should be. Good books are like the teachers, they show people how to fulfill their value and lead people to the success. People should choose the good books to read, those books which are worthless should be neglected. The value of books is infinite.



  I want to introduce the book is Hemingways the old man and the sea, I think this book is very worth a look, especially in the ownership of the "tough guy" spirit is worth us to learn.

  The old man and the sea is the background of the story leaves of Cuba in the . Protagonist is an old fisherman San Diego in a supporting role is a named manolins child. The old man and the sea is written by an old fisherman fishing in the sea for three days and three nights. Old man in the face of many difficulties, life, other fishermen laugh at, only a small boy to send him food. The old man decided to go to fisherman who has never been to the deep sea fishing, to prove your ability and courage. At sea, the old man caught a salmon, but the fish is too big, the old man made countless efforts finally put the fish in the boat, because of that, that caused the tragedy, the fishs blood attracted many shark, the old man was determined, "fight with them, Ill talk to them all to death" finally, went back to the shore, the old man in the boat only strapped to her bones.

  "People are not born for defeat, a man can be destroyed, but cant defeat". Lonely old fisherman San Diego resolute character, superb fishing technique, etc. The outline of his article is not only a tough guy, also saw a variety of different from him, let the person ponder: self-confident, brave, optimistic, simple, lonely, and wise. Old fisherman of this spirit is worth us to learn, to mining. The children from the age of five with the old fishing boat learning, the childs personality traits from another side, reflect the old mans character, showed that kind of not afraid of hard, have the courage to overcome difficulties of character; Child is small, only a few years old, but it doesnt show very childish; Learned from the old man is not only the skill of fishing, and self-esteem self-improvement of the spirit, and learn to understand the hardships of life with the mans responsibility. Tender shoulder has already accustomed to the morning go out fishing life of hone, even "walk still dozing", still said "this consider as what, a man have to like this." Fist-pumping, be born words fully demonstrates the sound always tough spirit. This spirit is worth us to learn, also let I was moved very much.

  To what struck me most is the spirit, the old fisherman manolin kid the sort of understand, in life, in learning, or in the later work, when we encounter unprecedented hardships and setbacks, we should consider the alone on the sea and unable to fight the "tough guy" old fisherman, the children of that kind of sensible and self-esteem self-improvement, like him after the life of hone. In this way, we will find that in fact there are a lot of difficulties and not imagined so invincible. If we are to study the spirit, and has the "tough guy" spirit, inspire our biggest potential, can overcome we think it is impossible to overcome the difficulties.

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