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  我的未来英语作文 篇1

  My future will be happy. I already graduated at that time from the university. I will have a stable work.I will have my family, my husband,and a lovely child. What will be my future job?

  I have many ideals. I want to work as a singer, stands on the stage sings for the people; I want to work as a nurse, cure illness, brings the health for the people; I want to work as a pilot, drives the airplane in the blue sky; I want to work as a gardener, with a little bit sweat irrigation flowers, lets our life forever fill the green. After growing up.I want to ba a teacher.I will have many students.Every day I will give many classes to them. I will become a teacher who is always preparing my lessons.I can certainly be a good teacher in the future.

  I will also be a volunteer of my city. I will help a great deal of people.Do many meaningful things. I will Make contribution to my city and the society.

  If I can became an teacher, they are my forever hopes. this will be my future, when a grade teachers dream.

  I will have a bright future.Now I will study hard and make preperation for my future.

  我的未来英语作文 篇2

  I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books. As I am from a farming family, I particularly enjoy being close to earth.

  If I can afford to live a pastoral life in the countryside, I will feel most blessed. As far as social life is concerned, simplicity is what I intend to pursue, so I really don't need too many friends. All these will be mere talk if I am idle now.

  To attain my goal, I must make a point of training my body and mind. This is a highly competitive society in which everyone is eager to come out on top. That is not only a competition of physical strength and mental power, but a marathon of patience, faith, and perseverance.

  Life is not all roses, but with what I am being equipped with by the top teachers in this elite school, I surely deserve a promising prospect.






  我的未来英语作文 篇3


  I often think, what will I do when I grow up? Painter, scientist or doctor? This problem has puzzled me for a long time. Now I finally found a satisfactory answer: fashion designer.


  One day, my mother took me to play on the street. I saw that people were wearing colorful clothes, including blue, purple and yellow. They were very beautiful. I think fashion designers can design all kinds of clothes, including evening dresses, suits, T-Shirts, dresses, jeans, etc.


  People will be more beautiful when they wear them. I must study hard and strive for my goal!

  我的未来英语作文 篇4

  What do I want to do when I'm older ? Someone wants to be a doctor. Someone wants to be a basketball player because they are good at sport. Someone wants to be a writer and to make the writing. Someone wants to be a teacher because they like teaching children.


  I like playing the piano and I good at it. So I want to become a piano player. Play the piano is very interesting. And you can learn something of music. Piano can make you like music. A lot of musician and singer are love playing piano.


  I play the piano when I'm ten years old. Now I'm in grand five. I hope when I'm sixteen years old , I can become grand eight. I’ll be harder and harder to practise.

  Become a piano player is a hard job. But I believe I can do it.


  我的未来英语作文 篇5

  My life in the future will be colorful.

  I’m going to be a good doctor after I graduate from the university. I believe I'll bring my family health and happiness.In my spare time,I'll stay with my family.We'll travel a lot and do lots of sports.I'll also read as many books as I can.Even if the work is busy,I won't give up studying.

  I’m sure my dream will come true because of my hard work and the life inthe future will be wonderful.




  我的未来英语作文 篇6

  I always think about my future, what kind of job will I do? Which city will I live in? I have no answer of these at all. But as I grow up, I start to figure out the work I want to do, the city I want to live in.

  I start to design my future, I want to be a teacher, I will pass my knowledge to my students, I will lead them to the bright future, I will be very proud of myself. I don’t want to live far away from my parents, so I will choose stay in the city I belong to, so that I can go home and visit my parents all the time. Some people choose to go to the big city and fight for their future, while I’d rather to work in the small city and live a normal life. The future I design is perfect for me.



  我的未来英语作文 篇7

  when i grow up, i hope to be a tennis player like li na. after school, i always play tennis with my family. they say o play it well. to be a good tennis player, i must keep on practicing. at the same time, i must learn english well. that would be very cool if i could talk with the foreign players in english. i am sure my dream will come ture(实现,成真) someday.

  我的未来英语作文 篇8

  What a good word is the future in my eyes! Some people think the future is far away, but I think it is a good thing to think of my future.

  I closed my eyes and fantasized that I might be a teacher of the people in the future. One day, I finally became a respected teacher. There was a word not saying: “ is a teacher an engineer of the human soul? ” I came to the new school and started to be a little nervous, but when I saw a lovely smiling face, all my nervous nerves were relaxed. I began to chat with students, so as to know students' aspirations: … … when I was in class, I would be very serious. When I was in class, I would play games and chat with them like their big sister, so that we could promote the relationship between teachers and students. As long as the students have no problems, I will be patient to explain them. Be a good teacher with full duty.

  Often fantasize about your future, just like knowing your own ideal. It is important to dream of the future to pursue the future. Only yourself can change the future, never say that the future will change because of you. However, opportunities are created by yourself and cherish every opportunity to achieve their future.

  我的未来英语作文 篇9

  I don't know if I have ever thought about this problem in my future. Time is in a hurry. Unwittingly, yesterday has become the past, today is also about to leave, we should grasp our own time, do some meaningful things.

  I think we can't correct it in the past, but we can change it through later efforts. We can't live in memories forever. Memories are limited, and life continues. Life may be cruel or joyful. The path of life is rough and rugged. Without going through it, it will not understand its bittersweet and bitter taste. Only when we really go through it will we know the precipice of time, then we can know the priceless value of life. For the future, no one can say what will happen, but one thing is certain: only by trying to create a good future. You may be a great scientist, a respected teacher, or a millionaire, in the future. But on the contrary, you may be a beggar, perhaps a halve of entrepreneurs, or a loser.

  My future, in fact all depends on our own efforts. We different people pay different efforts, will get different gains, and there will be different life. So let's hold our present together and hold the future in our hands.

  我的未来英语作文 篇10

  Now it's 2025, and now I'm quite different from my previous one. Now I'm the boss of the star Hua Microsoft Corp.

  Then you will come to my villa to visit it.

  I sat on my star China Microsoft rocket and came to my villa in a moment. At the door, the machine nurse initiatively opened the entrance password — — cqh1111111, after confirmation, the password was correct. After entering the door, there is a hint of sound: please start your first healthy exercise today, sit up and sit down 50. I boarded the sports table and started my first health campaign today.

  It's lunch time. Only to see this mechanical nanny three lower five except two start cooking. You may not understand what the cooking machine is. This is the latest company developed 001 products, as long as the dish in, add raw materials, delicious dishes will be ready.

  At the end of lunch, take a rest and start my travel time. Barbecue on Mars, Jupiter in the circus, fishing on mercury, Neptune in the swimming... After open folding... My bed, wearing sunglasses, firm and secure sleep.

  How do I have a good future?

  我的未来英语作文 篇11

  Sometimes, I think in my bed, what is my future like?

  I think I may become an inventor. I use my brain to research and invent one after another novelty, contribute to my motherland and make China's top technology.

  I think I could become a millionaire, if I were a millionaire, I will build a beautiful hope primary school in the poor area of my property here. Everything is free, I want more children and we like reading books, in the white room. I want to use my life the money to build a library, in poor areas, children can read story books to see. Composition

  I think, I may become a doctor, so I will run a hospital with my own salary. Anyone who comes here to see a doctor can get anything free. I want more people to get rid of the pain and become a healthy person.

  At last, the mother's voice broke my imagination. But this way, the mother's voice had a good understanding. We could not sink into the illusion. We should face the reality, face the challenge of life, and make the dream come true.

  我的未来英语作文 篇12

  My dream job will be working in one of the biggest international accounting firm as an accountant. I want to be an accountant because I love mathematics and business so much. Also, being an accountant can help me to explore my knowledge of business and provide me a board range of network among the business world. I need to do a lot in order to achieve my goal. First, I have to get an undergraduate degree in accounting from college.

  Then I might either to go graduate school for a more advanced degree in accounting or get prepare for the CPA exam. With the CPA lisence, I have a better opportunity to get a job in the accounting firm. Finally, with my experience in the accounting firm, I can apply accounting position in the international accounting firm and to serve as an accountant there!

  我的未来英语作文 篇13

  The future of computer science and technology

  Whether human or computer? This is a question that has baffled us for many years. Up to now still no answer. Chess player in October 20 xx years and chess game, computer software many amateurs lose, and by d matteo paro's, Ruth Lin LAN bo the horse John and sergei Carl has the strong team of three people in 3. 5 to 8. 5 the disparity of defeat! This can not help but thought-provoking: are computer software really has gained the upper hand in the man-machine confrontation? Humans really will fall in with their own wisdom to create computer?

  In order to meet this fight, computer equipment was very different from the past. From "raza than Hydra has 16 processor, and controlled by the British computer chess world champion Junior has 4 2. Super 8 hz processor... This makes the human is many times higher computing speed of the computer, have more advantages than humans, chess in its calculation speed is of the hundreds of millions of human times! Playing chess is not only depends on calculation, however, also need the intuition, this is what you don't have computer, humans have advantage in this respect. But like sergei Carl has the 12 - year - old became a chess grandmaster of genius, unexpectedly also lost to Fritz software, this makes people have to ponder.

  IBM's deep blue computer chess player beat the world's top players in 20 xx Garry kasparov, in fact, not surprisingly, the human in the face of the chess with analysis of 200 million per second in front of the computer, both computing and analysis ability, will be at a disadvantage. In order to avoid the "dark blue" select a flawed from the start position, they give "dark blue" equipped with a huge database, which makes it would be very difficult to win on the ordinary guy.

  But the computer doesn't have the whole game analysis in advance, for a plate of 40 step chess game, which likely option would be more than the number of atoms in the universe! Opportunities are not calculated so high efficiency analysis, and now most of the best chess software can only calculate 30 positions, but it is enough for the human opponent!

  I'd like to, with the advent of the new algorithm, the progress of science and technology, the computer will be more and more close to human beings.

  我的未来英语作文 篇14

  I am looking forward to the future and look forward to the future, I hope soon in the future, I think, no more disasters in the future world. In my imagination, the future is like this.

  In the future, when hou's house more advanced than it is now: the house seems to be nothing at all, actually. You just said you want to do, it will appear if encounter disaster just click on the button on the wall, the house will start the defense system, let disaster can not destroy your house. Anger over you want to move, as long as you name the place you want to do it. One not this device in the home, if you're hungry, or to add furniture, as long as a credit card, the items to you.

  In the future, every family has its own car, however, when the advanced car than it is now 100 times. Car of the shell is made of metal, so hard, the body can become large to small, car inside is a small bar, you as long as a card, a small wine appears in front of you, get whatever you want to drink, the car is also a video, if you want to play CARDS, but only you a person, this is, as long as you put the card points, would be a virtual characters and play you. Can adjust the speed of the car, the highest can reach the speed of light. If you can't or don't want to open will select automatic mode, it will be open. The car's energy comes from bacteria, so that the car, cleaning the health.

  In the future, I hope the future will come soon.

  我的未来英语作文 篇15

  It's sunny today, my mother and my cousin came to hangzhou in the future of the world.

  We walk into the future, first of all, we can see there is a big fountain, fountain can spit out the colorful water, can look not clear during the day, at night is very beautiful. Moving forward, we see the bumper car, pay the money, we are on the bumper cars. Play bumper car the way is very simple, the car has a steering wheel, you want to turn to the left, turn the steering wheel to the left, but the ways in the past, to turn the steering wheel back, or you always turn to the left. Under the car has a pedal, as long as the step on the pedal in, to be able to open the car. I started very useless, suddenly hit the edge of the railing, I later learned the previous lesson once learned how to drive. Later, my cousin also accidentally hit the railing, I and cousin to an enveloped.

  We came to the studio, studio inside performance is very wonderful, there are "qianlong prosperity", "the white snake xu xian", "the future world". Especially the white snake xu xian, who was pressed the white niang son into sea coasts, suddenly, the sky to ray, on both coasts collapsing at that time, the white niang son trapped inside, the image is the other people to wake cycle.

  We have to play a roller coaster, very dizzy, archery, space-time tunnel machine, we do the cable car into the tunnel of time and space, time and space tunnel machine there are a few savage, sometimes they catch our feet, also called for us, that's interesting.

  This "the future" is the future.

  我的未来英语作文 篇16

  The moon quietly the trees on the ground, the earth with silvery moonlight, I lay in bed looking at a "future school", watch, watch, slowly, slowly, my eyes straight fight, in front of word gradually blurred

  Suddenly, I feel my body gently, fluttering, followed by a burst of dizziness, then what also don't know. After I wake up, I found myself in a strange, beautiful places.

  The first thing I saw was a several hundred meters, like a transparent glass castle building looks gave me the feeling is fresh and beautiful, in the middle of the building there is a music fountain, like artificial lake of the bottom surface some swans on the water in the toilet, and others in frolic, also planted around the green tall tree, the tree is the bright flowers, the grass of the earth look to is full of vitality, ah! Truth is such a beautiful place, in the garden of the kingdom of heaven. I am wondering what is this place, a row in the sunlight shining color characters deeply attracted my attention of nanshan bilingual school. Oh! I suddenly feel, through the time tunnel, I came to the nanshan bilingual schools in the future.

  So I decided to visit the place where I used to study life here, I first came to the restaurant, all of this, let me by surprise, the dinner table filled up with rich food, also played the beautiful background music, also let a person feel shu xin, restaurant style, then a cook aunt to me, for I introduced these foods are rich scientific formula, nutrition to meet the needs of the students every day in a planned way according to the proportion of match, I pick up a similar Fried shrimps, aunt favour say: this is Fried grasshoppers, through our processing processing, now it is not only nutritious, but tasty and refreshing, made me admire, quickly put it in the mouth, and a great taste, crisp and crunchy, melt in your mouth, I eat after the praise.

  Out of the restaurant I went to the classroom, old blackboard has been replaced by computers, all students' work done on the computer, the teacher's lecture is on a host, the classroom light soft and bright, can not only to protect the eyes of students, can make myopia students returned to normal. Glass is miraculous in the classroom, only to touch on a bit of dust is automatically cleared. The classroom has a set of automatic cleaning system, can turn the ground of garbage ChengXinXian air for people to use. Out of the classroom, I will take the elevator to the bedroom, the elevator but also green elevator, the elevator has a big screen, screen playing some precious herbs, and the narrator is introduced in detail. So the students in the process of the rest also understand the extracurricular knowledge. It is kill two birds with one stone really. Came to the bedroom, decorate the inside of the let me envy, a bedroom 4 people, everyone lives on, lower berth is desk and chair, a table with a new computer, used by the students. I walked, one not careful hit the door.

  I shouted, I woke up with a start, scared out in a cold sweat, I wipe the sweat on his forehead, turned out to be a dream.

  我的未来英语作文 篇17

  While, we shuttle in 2060, the technology is very advanced, that everything interesting than us. Even the most humble stones in that into one multi-functional rubber.

  This house is multifunctional, outside there are red, yellow, blue, green, purple five buttons, red button is fire alarm as long as the little flame house will receive all the furniture and then around the sprinkler out know then robot automatic out we automatically wipe clean the room, as if nothing had. Yellow button is earthquake alarm once there is a little creep around it automatically to earthquakes in the past it would slowly fall down to wait for us to steady his fixed. Blue button is flood alarm if around 100 MiYouShui he will automatically become a big fish in the water floating until the flood didn't recover. Purple line alarm is to detect the surrounding how strong it will remind you how to wear clothes today won't let you be hurt if you determined to wear your clothes it will put your clothes automatically change to come over. That solar cars are not exhaust fumes no harm to human body, also saves material oil, if it does not matter as long as it was getting dark steering the middle button you can start to absorb the moon light and then converted into solar power to continue driving, oil saves material and reduces the exhaust, really every two too! Now don't need to make a pen, just throw your garbage into the dustbin you can exchange a universal pen, if you have any won't write down it on the paper automatically, if cheat on the exam to it will automatically alarm let the teacher know and punish you. So don't have to cut down trees and can overcome the students who like to cheat.

  At this moment, suddenly the day I don't know what was sucked in a open my eyes to know have just been dreaming, I suddenly had an idea I want to learn just by myself to create the dream of the future, create brilliant benxi.

  我的未来英语作文 篇18

  One day, I lie on the bed, looking at the beautiful night sky profound. The scene of all this is how good. Suddenly, the sky flashed a briliant blue, brought me into the future.

  Just come to the future world, charactizing a fine spring day immediately around makes me relaxed and happy, I look around, ah, there are some white snow lotus, a charming fragrance, they are like willo girl, dancing graceful posture, in the dance. Other flowers the extraterrestrial see me and play the song of welcome for guests. I eyed flower girl, a curious welled up in my mind. I asked one side in the peach blossom, "bloom is winter now, how do you ah?"

  "Because the scientists give us into the four seasons flower base element!" All the flowers with one voice to answer. "Ah! No wonder!" I kept to himself in a side. "Hey, where's the car?" Curious and I looked around and found no car shadow everywhere. "Don't fly in the sky?" I muttered, look up, look up, "wow!" I was surprised to mouth can hold a word "o". The sky was built lines crisscross together "cloud road", the whole road is paved by the cloud, but also built the "traffic light" the clouds. Hongyun represents a red light, green represents the green cloud, Huang Yun represents the yellow light. While the cars, more queer! The car on either side of the installation power propeller, can make the car fly freely in the sky; The car behind the installation of the propeller, can let the car at the bottom of the sea at random. The most magical will belong to the back of the exhaust pipe, before discharge from the exhaust pipe is dirty air, destroy the nature environment, and now, the exhaust pipe processed, emit fresh air, pure and fresh and the world. "The true god!" I couldn't help praise.

  Even if it is just a fantasy, but through the efforts, fantasy can become reality

  我的未来英语作文 篇19

  What is the future of science and technology? Maybe you are curious. The future may have robots like people? The future of the car can fly in the sky? Computers have mind will talk talk about feelings? Now let's go and think about the future of the world!

  In the morning, I was in bed lazily, Mongolia? Heard a burst of music in it to wake me up: the master, it is time to get up. Domestic robots was holding my clothes stand on the side of the head of a bed. I casually said: "I yesterday you to wash the clothes? Don't worry, the small owner, would have good washing drying folded. Robot said, said it also while you wear the clothes for me. At this time my bed slowly into a mini charge automatically stop out of the window, it hangs in the air waiting for instructions. Also need not I myself even wash gargle, towel parked in the air, toothbrush is parked in the air. After I wash gargle finished, then the robot took a recipe to me, it is breakfast, I ordered a steak at random, Hamburg, shark fin and lobster, finished as long as say a good, clean up the table robot is automatically. I said, give me the case of a ship, I'm about to go to the moon. The master, the spaceship has been out of the window. , I went into the ship, according to the sign on the moon, I said: open, ship autopilot, with only three minutes to the moon.

  For 20 years, entered my Alma mater, found that students who have no textbook on the desk, is screen. Teacher as long as the original voice input in the computer subject, will be displayed in the screen of the students, all are fully automatic, like so many students in our school, as long as a few teachers is enough, the students learn all very good.

  However, all this is just my imagination, but I believe if we all work hard, it will become a reality.

  我的未来英语作文 篇20

  Time flies, the twinkling of an eye is 20xx, I became a scientist, I developed a four with cars. It can be under water, the sky, ground and underground anywhere. You want to go to the sea, just click on the blue button, it will take you dive into the sea, this kind of car is high hardness and high sealing materials. So, even if the dive to the deepest seabed, also will not be crushed; And the car also continuously provide oxygen, you don't have to worry about in the deep sea oxygen. If you want to travel the universe, you press the white button, you can fly in the blue sky, enjoy the wonderful space and all kinds of planets. If you want to go to the ground, you click on the yellow button, it will take you to explore the rich mineral resources in the earth. You want to run on the ground, just click on the gray button, it will take you to travel the world.

  In the future we live in a house is also very special, its shape can change at will, and only the host and related to master the talented person can see, touch, everyone else is invisible and intangible. You take the door, put the shoes on the rack, it will wash and drying the shoes for 5 seconds. House with four walls are made of special materials, warm in winter and cool in summer, also can according to your mood to adjust the color of 4 walls. Such as: happy are orange, not happy is grey. The bed is made of petals and special material, when you go to sleep.

  This is what I imagine the future of the world, I will study hard and make efforts to turn these into reality.

  我的未来英语作文 篇21

  In the future, I hope for the future of the world is a better world.

  Here, the goddess of nature embraced the earth; Irene guarded the world; Hope the goddess of blessing there with humans; The goddess of happiness where overnight spree.

  Here, no war, no panic, no hatred, no complain, no sadness, no natural disasters, people happiness of life together.

  Here, at the beginning of spring spore, green trees, colorful summer autumn fruit fragrance, snow in the winter.

  Here, everyone is equal, whether the UN secretary-general, or on the streets of beggars, everyone has the right to life, they are all for this wonderful world silently dedication.

  Here, the animals and human harmonious get along, no one will hurt these lovely creatures. Get up in the morning in the forest, hard-working people, at this time, the lake of animal building came a burst of noise, ah, the original animal office has been opened, the chairman of the board of directors is a zoologist, general manager is the little rabbit, the secretary is crane, workers have the fox, Wolf, a crocodile, the dog and pony, cat, bird, and even a tiger and a lion! They each have its new obligations, work seriously. Lovely bird was the postman and clever fox is accounting, body huge tigers and lions, they are hard-working police... They worked until afternoon. Brilliant sunset glow in the sky lit up, the lake came the animal orchestra's music, the elephant blowing sachs, tiger is playing the oboe, lion dance, cranes in playing the piano, people on the side quietly appreciation, what a lovely animals!

  Such a happy world, who doesn't want? We hope our world is like you so good? In order to make the world a better place tomorrow, let us love our world now!

  我的未来英语作文 篇22

  The future of their homes, is not like this, what also do not need to villa in high-rise buildings, cars, need only a let a person feel pure and fresh, elegant living space.

  The future of their homes, no stink, junk rivers, with no pollution in the air, without tanji stains, waste of the streets, no more leaving stumps of the forest...

  The blue blue sky, the water in the river is very clear, and can even see the bottom, the bottom was full of colorful stones, in the sunlight, small stone glittering light. The fish in the water playing happily, a happy life.

  Every morning, open the window, people can breathe the fresh air, let us up to face a new day. Won't someone to spit the sputum freely with bacteria on the road, on the street "wandering" garbage were not found, look, the whole article doesn't even have a small pieces of paper on the road. The bird hordes of dancing in the sky, it became a scenery line in the sky. In every tree in the forest there is a house, whose house is that? Oh! Is the home of the birds! There are many animals in the forest, they often hold concerts, seminars, story together...

  The earth back to its original appearance, little animals have their own home. Spring water flowing, flowers, lush vegetation, is infatuated; The sky thousands of miles, white clouds, the group of ridge, ups and downs, vast sea, along with a variety of rich resources...

  Our home will become a the most beautiful stars in the Milky Way!

  我的未来英语作文 篇23

  I have a lot of ideal, but I cannot go to realize, so I only through fantasy to realize my dream.

  I fantasize about the future of I, became a national famous doctor. Dealing with patients every day, every day rush running between the hospital and home. Though very tired, but I was very happy. Because I helped a lot of people back to health. After work, I also painstakingly developed a "magic bullet" can it cure all ills, although after many times of failure, but I succeeded. No matter what, as long as have a "magic bullet", can eliminate the disease, from the pain, prolong life. That at this time I'll be more famous, perhaps famous!

  What I admire most is the teacher, so I in this profession, also has a special liking. I dream of the future, I became a teacher, every day life in laughter. I have very strange way of teaching to others, that is to get knowledge in the game. Does not require rote learning, students also won't give them too much pressure, such not only can stimulate their interest in learning, but also improve the efficiency of...

  In this world, I think the most strong is the police, so I fantasize about the future of I, is a good policeman. A day hold on his post, ready to battle, where can I help you, there is my shadow. At this time, no longer has the happened such as robbery, murder, at this moment a peaceful world, we the police in people's hearts more tall, beautiful.

  "Fantasy is always fantasy, can't become a reality". I don't believe it! I believe that as long as I study hard, perseverance, I finally I will realize my ideal, as long as one is enough, you don't laugh I have no ambition, because only wholeheartedly, with all my heart to do one thing, to do it well. You said right?

  我的未来英语作文 篇24

  It is 20xx, I show you around the world in the future. The car of the future must let you see more dazzling, car are now using low carbon environmental protection material. Some is to let you unexpected, some car is made of cardboard boxes, some people might think, made of cardboard boxes don't let the wind blow away? Although I want to tell you is made of cardboard boxes, but it is harder than steel, with 24-hour automatic anti-theft, anyone who hasn't pull the door lock, it not only can call, can also start the stealth function.

  Now let's see the future of mobile phones, portable it can be bigger or smaller, played like elephants, small as small as ants. If you want to look at the pictures can be brought out the physical, but be sure to put it back.

  Now is the future of the computer, although did not change, function is changed, the future of computer only to see video, if you want to look at reality, can draw a circle on the screen, people can get out in the computer. If not enough stimulation, also can start the touch function, people can really touch in the computer.

  Introduce the last a flying house, you certainly haven't seen, you met 30 multilayer buildings springing up? The long face, that call a spectacular, no dust float in the sky, but like paper float up home furniture won't be a mess

  The future is very mysterious, is waiting for us to explore!

  我的未来英语作文 篇25

  In the future, for now, at this moment we are the future of huizhou. It is a moment, also can be a period of time. Relatively, tomorrow is only part of the future.

  Huizhou, a city that everyone is familiar with. Huizhou city shining pearl, has been listed as "national civilized city" ranks! Now in huizhou: going standing tall buildings on both sides of road, like protect the steel city of the mighty soldiers. Road, all kinds of traffic, road block packed. Auto discharge a large amount of carbon monoxide, sulfur, etc. These one-time pollutants in huizhou atmosphere environment and people's health and ecosystems caused a series of adverse effects.

  So, the future of huizhou or like this? The future will be better than now in huizhou huizhou? Let's bold imagination to huizhou in the near future!

  Huizhou is a high-tech city of the future. High-rises, tree-lined everywhere. Crisscross transportation facilities, constitutes the veins and skeleton of huizhou. Under the light orange glow, the entire huizhou is elegant, pure white, as if in a long gallery. : night, every household window sent out bright light, like the stars in the sky fall on earth.

  Huizhou is green city civilization in the future. There will be no risk of black smoke factory in huizhou, cars are no longer dragged long black tail. Cars, with wings to fly low won't and pedestrians for the road. "Public" plane flying gently, left in the air line after line of "green homes - huizhou". Streets spotless, there will be no sanitation workers clean the rubbish.

  In the future, this is a wonderful term. Huizhou, you is like a shining pearl, radiant, infinite prospect.

  Huizhou senior things there are many in the future. Although this is just a fantasy, but I believe, on the strength of human ingenuity, there will always be a day, the imagination will come true. Let us join hands to create the future together beautiful huizhou!

  我的未来英语作文 篇26

  In the invention of the future will there be anything interesting? If not, then what do you want to invent? This a series of problems are determined by your own imagination, no matter how funny you think how plain.

  I want to create a can not only let us through time, and allows us to pass through the space, also can let us rapidly moving cars. Through time function can help scientists to solve many historical mystery, across space can solve many mysteries of the moon, it take us to explore the mysteries of a lot of places, it take us to explore the mysteries of a lot of places, also can let us end to go to school, because it can blink of an eye to the school, with homework don't worry, don't be afraid even if don't have my car. As long as have a chance to say what you want, it can get. For a lazy person, is really too convenient! Body is made of high-tech insulation materials, but also solar energy!

  I would also like to invent a given shopping mad environmental protection bag, shopping crazy people to buy things too much, if want to buy a plastic bag, is not environmental protection and to get the money, so I want to invent a as something becomes big small bag. If it's too big, it will transform into a trolley, and never hole. In this way, shopping crazy people can each another, convenience and environmental protection!

  I also wanted to build a chocolate park, invented a shoes can let you fly.

  Although the idea is multifarious, but I hope can really make them appear in the future.

  我的未来英语作文 篇27

  "Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat" how time flies, 1 to 2999. Our house also had some changes, let me introduce for you!

  Into the gate, you will think: "hey, how is not even a door?" It would be wrong, actually the door of the house of the stealth. It has a big function, when you are in the door, above you, have a colorless light. Although it's just a lamp, it can detect the is good or bad, you also know that you are doing. We use table now are very common, but, the future of the table do and you never thought of. After you eat lunch, you don't want to wash the dishes, then you can press the red button on the table, it will be in 5 seconds to wash his bowl. We sleep in the bed now, it is made of wood, the bed of the future now looks like the same bed, actually that's a big gap. When you sleep, you can't sleep, then you can press the white button, the whole bed becomes a cotton, floating in the air, the wall will turn into blue, let you sleep more steadfast...

  Look, the future of the house is very wonderful?

  Although these wishes now also cannot achieve, but I believe that as long as we study hard, one day, my wish will come true

  我的未来英语作文 篇28

  What is my life in the future? I think my life will interesting . In my house , a robot will do some housework.Beacuse the housework make me feel unpleasant. I will stady in the house on computers. In the streets, there will be more bulidings.The city will one of the most beautiful in China. I will play more and more interesting games. I will enjoy myself. What a great future. I hope the world will have a beautiful future!