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生日派对英语作文 篇1

  In the blink of an eye, it was the season I was most looking forward to -- autumn. Because, when the romantic autumn wind comes, my birthday is coming soon! Under the flaming maple tree my birthday party, the wind blew a few red maple leaves, in the beautiful and wasteful situation, I declare birthday party to start!

  My dear family and I are here to enjoy the incomparable bliss. When my parents brought the cake out, I was so happy that I couldn't speak! My family helped me to sing happy birthday songs and asked me to make three wishes. First: I hope my family will be safe and healthy. Second: I hope that my studies will remain at the top. Third: my personal secret, let me take it to heart! These wishes are very ordinary, but I think ordinary is a kind of great happiness.

  When I had finished my wish, everyone gave me a variety of gifts. Dad sent me a set of fancy stationery combinations, and anyone who saw it couldn't wait to open it and try it out. "The father said," if the work is good, it must be first." That's why dad gave me this gift. It really became a great tool for my study. My mother gave me some beautiful clothes and dresses, so that I could go to school every day. My grandma gave me a lovely little bag with cute little rabbit, and everything! Eat cake! Sweet and sour blueberry cake with smooth pudding is a great aftertaste.

  I am officially nine years old after my birthday. I hope I am more mature and sensible. I hope that next year's party will be bigger, and I hope to receive more gifts and wishes for the next birthday. Ah! It would be a waste and a beautiful fall!

生日派对英语作文 篇2

  It's my first birthday party! On that day, I was very happy.

  The party before the winter holiday, although I invited seven students, but at least four did not come.

  We went to Shanghai pudong science museum at the party, and dinner was eaten in the little south China barbecue. Three classmates arrived at the gate of the science museum, where my parents and I waited. There are: zhang yan wen, xu shitian and bamboo huimei. Before that, I asked my father for permission to work freely. Fortunately, I brought my phone and my father agreed. After we entered the gate, we went on a fast food trip. We lined up for a long time and finally got to us. We got into a lifewatermelon car, and we got into a giant dumpster's mouth just like food. I learned a lot about human knowledge, and in the last part of the human body, when we were coming out, we thought we were going to spray, and we covered ourselves with clothes. I didn't expect to take pictures. We went out and looked at our pictures. It was ugly. Then we went to the light of wisdom, where the enchanted house, the steel bike, the fish shed...

  We like to play the high wire bike, although zhang yan wen is not tall enough, I and xu shitian, the bamboo inner huimei played seven or eight times.

  Then we went for a barbecue in a car. We have a lucky draw in the car and have fun! When we were barbecuing, we baked our own food.

  What a happy day!

生日派对英语作文 篇3

  全国高考英语满分作文:生日派对邀请 Birthday party invitation



  1. 时间:周五晚8点至9点

  2. 地点:学生俱乐部

  3. 内容:生日歌、蛋糕、游戏等

  4. 要求:备小礼物





  Hi, Susan,

  We’re throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s birthday. I hope you can come and join us if it is convenient to you. The party will take place on Friday evening from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Students’ Club. During the party, we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” to him with the candle on. I am sure Xiaoming will be very happy and moved. After that, we’ll cut the birthday cake prepared for him in advance and share it together. What’s more, we decide to play some games afterwards. By the way, don’t forget to prepare a little gift when you come. I am sure we’ll enjoy ourselves together.


  We are looking forward to your coming.




  Li Hua


生日派对英语作文 篇4

  Ha ha! My birthday party! Here we are! For this day, I can't think of the tea, day and night! Today, however, will be our paradise! The custom of trick-or-treating on Halloween will be at my party!

  Tang yi left his seat and turned toward the restaurant. After a while, tang yi a face mysteriously carries a small dish to come over: "you see, this is my modulation of 'fill the sauce'! Combine the 9 981 kinds of seasoning!" Say, Tang Yi driving "paste" daub on the meat, into his mouth, and just said "good good", also don't look at the expression, ah, the driving "paste" how feel than one thousand atomic bomb is powerful! Later, when we had enough to drink, we made up the dark food. We have covered a variety of spices to meat, what's the pumpkin soup, what borscht, spicy sauce, were we all to add the meat, and a taste, pei bah... Tastes awful! And, of course, how can it be dark?

  I came out of the school, and the wind and fire led the students to the "hana mountain" dinner in xingguang square. When the waiter brought the ingredients, the saliva was flowing into the river. Beef, chicken legs, mushrooms, hot cabbage... What a lot of delicious food! When the ingredients are available, we'll have the barbecue right away. I expertly clip the meatloaf into the oven with a barbecue, squeaking... Immediately, the smell of barbecue filled the whole table, and our appetite was seduced. When a piece of meat was roasted, tang yi was quick to take the meat out of the way. Purr... I've been working so hard to cook the meat, and it's gone.

  Friday went by, and the birthday party was over, but our hearts never left. I think that after twenty years I will be reminded again of this crazy birthday party and the fun time of our children.

生日派对英语作文 篇5

  I have a good friend, her name is Lucy, we became friends since I was five years old, she is my neighbor, we play together all the time. Yesterday, Lucy got her ten year-old birthday, she hold a party in her house, as her good friend, of course I would not miss her party.

  I bought her a watch as the gift, in the party, we sang and danced, she has many friends, so we played the game, we felt so happy.

  At last, we sang the birthday song to her and took out the big cake, Lucy made her wish, we ate the cake together. We had great fun at Lucy’s party, I wish her be happy every day.


生日派对英语作文 篇6

  The outside of the hotel "crackle" set off firecrackers, like to greet a mysterious affair, the hotel has a happy birthday song, the song euphemistic, make the whole hall lively.

  Then I went in and the hotel rang a birthday song. Then my classmates, my father, my mother, my sister, all came together, and the students brought birthday presents, mysterious and mysterious appearance, as if they were afraid of being seen by me.

  Now you should know who's celebrating his birthday? By the way, that birthday person is me.

  We ate a big lunch first, then get out mother bought me a cake, the fine packing box is opened, there was a very large, the three layers of fruit cake, cake has a lot of fruit, there are a little monkey is wrapped in cream? The little monkeys must be on behalf of me, because I was born in the year of the monkey, with candles, dad was in no hurry, just ten, lit candles and turned off the lights, everyone sang: happy birthday to you, I silently make a wish.

  "Wow" started to cut the cake, each a just, when cake to each staff, the students are holding a cream to wipe my face, wipe out of my face, and faces up to other people, all in all, after a while, all the person's face turned into white face, cream on clothes, hair all over the place.

  When we go to the toilet wash, the students have to send a gift to me, such a great gift, such as glass, toys, jewelry, mom and dad gave me a three rounds of the stem, bags and watches, cousin cousin also brought music CARDS! I was very happy.

  What a happy birthday party!

生日派对英语作文 篇7

  Birthdays illuminate the earth of the world, and live and nourish the hearts of countless lives.

  What does the meaning of birthdays mean? Did the birthday ever shine in that place? We don't know anything, we just have to look for the answer.

  Is birthday just a happy memory of childhood? Perhaps there are many other flavors that we never know, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and many, but we do not understand the meaning of each and every one.

  The day after tomorrow, it will be my father's birthday. What does it mean? Is it just a man's day of birth? Not only that, but maybe in the day after tomorrow, I wonder how many people came into the world, or how many people were born again. Our birthday is a very happy day, but I don't know how many people live through a sad birthday, a very painful birthday.

  Birthday, on behalf of a person born in the year of a few days, or a person in the jaws of death rush into danger miraculously returned to earth, or people in prison to start with a clean slate, the truth in life, so free. Birthday has been in any corner of the world shining, everyone knows, understand what the birthday is like, it is because of parents, with parents, you realize how the birthday is open ah!

  Aren't birthdays just memories of our childhood? Not necessarily, because a lot of people get a new lease of life, and that's birthday

  Where does our birthday come from? Where do you go from here? Maybe it's because of great parents. They gave birth to me, raised me, took care of us all the time, and let us spend countless happy birthday, every birthday is colorful, colorful festival".

  We can find out how many people can remember their parents' birthdays? But our birthday will never be forgotten. Every time our birthday, please students, bought cakes, all kinds of good food, good meal, but........ What about parents' birthdays? Never mentioned, let alone any cake or something, so........ I made up my mind that my parents will have a great time next year for their birthdays"! But how do you do it? I thought about it. Me...... Daydreaming...... I play truant goes to school in the morning, the film turned out to learn "fight back" inside Stephen Chow, over the wall, fortunately, was not found, only to be called a. I first came to the cake shop, without demur, set a 20 pound cake. Then I flew to the supermarket and bought a super large Dove pure chocolate worth..4000 yuan. My next site is a boutique, and I bought a pure crystal 77 kg of love". I thought to myself, so many things should be enough, but........ It's just a pipe dream!

  I have to come back to reality from the fairyland. Well, if it wasn't a dream, what a good idea! Birthday, birthday, you really can't do without us. Therefore, everyone's birthday, we should cherish it. Seeing my mother go quietly to work again, maybe this is her birthday, forever, me... Speechless, a few hours lying on the windowsill, depressed me... The tears ran down, and the clothes got soaked. There was no choice but to accept the mother's pitiful birthday silently. I fell into the abyss of thought. All alone, I looked at the blue sky and watched the mother hurrying by... Tear......

生日派对英语作文 篇8

  Today, I went to Huang Xishan and Zhu Xiaoqian's birthday party.

  Sally to earth up her bakery, we do the cookies first. One, two, three, four, five dollars for a long time to choose a suitable text book eventually finished, our next to a dozen children rushed into the paradise crazy playing with it.

  Let's start and cake. Let's put a bag on the table, a cream, coat put fruit, repave a package, coated with butter, use a toothpick in the above drawing graphics. The final color with cream color on it. A delicate and beautiful cake appeared.

  Finished the cake. Let's go to the nearby have a meal in the hotel.

  "Eat the cake, eat cake." Shouted with adults, they brought into the 焟 candle cake up, we sang the birthday song, the birthday girl made a wish, to share the cake.

  After eating the cake, the next target is blue apple's paradise. We ran up a dozen children, after a while, we finally arrived blue apple's paradise. We went in to play, not only that, children we still stand on the "dolphin" acrobatics!

  Today, a lot of fun. Again, we wish them a happy birthday. We are yearning, respectively.