my mother英语作文带翻译

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my mother英语作文带翻译

  在平平淡淡的日常中,大家总少不了接触作文吧,作文要求篇章结构完整,一定要避免无结尾作文的出现。如何写一篇有思想、有文采的作文呢?以下是小编收集整理的my mother英语作文带翻译,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。

my mother英语作文带翻译

  I have a good mother, mother love me, I love my mother.

  My mother more than 30 years old, short, round face has a pair of bright big eyes, small mouth, a small nose, a smile... Ha ha, I want to let my mother has a pair of small dimples, but she didn't, but smile still look good.

  I have a good mother, because she is very concerned about my study. Since the first grade, my study became a mother's care. Come home from school every day, the mother of control is the first thing I remember homework carefully check, if there is leakage problem, she would let me fill in time; If there are any errors, she would explain for me and help me to correct them. My position is not correct to hold pen, mother sat by my side, see me stroke at a writing, if not correct, mother gave me immediately correct, until I correct.

  I have a good mother, because she is very concerned about the growth of the I. Holidays, mother took me to go swimming. The pool, I how also learn can't, mom worried, do demonstration for me. She breaststroke, freestyle, swim very fast. I really envy, against the mother shouted: "mom, teach me." Then I slowly learned how to swim, mother happy to touch my head and said: "good exercise to tall."

  This is my mother, a care for my mother. I want to study well, return my mother's love for me.






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